July 28, 2010

Sucker Punch: Stilettos, Booty Shorts, and Machine Guns

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So the trailer for Zack Snyder’s latest film Sucker Punch premiered on Apple yesterday.  While Zack’s films have featured some kick-ass women in the past, his new movie looks like the hypersexualized violence that Hollywood seems to be such a fan of; feminists deconstructing pop culture, not so much.  Snyder has received critical acclaim in the past for his stylized action movies (some of which I’m a fan of, particularly his Dawn of the Dead remake), but the director’s latest film just looks disgusting.  The homepage for the trailer on Apple’s website shows the main girls in the film in various states of undress shooting machine guns, in front of a background reminiscent of World War I footage.

What I gathered from the trailer was these are supposedly some kick-ass girls breaking out from a patriarchal run insane asylum – but they look super sexy while doing so!  Cuts between images of violence and victimization feature the actresses in showgirl costumes, close-ups of long eyelashes, and sparkly leotard dance numbers. Apparently being in a mental hospital doesn’t cramp your beauty routine!