October 2, 2008

We don't care about what you know, we want to know about YOU

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UGH!  This make me groan.  Politics and your stance on the important issues most don’t seem to matter much in the media age.  McCain and his camp don’t make the slightest effort to hide the fact that they think the American public is stupid.  After All, reality shows have become the genre of the current media age and this election has certainly played out that way.  Forget what you know, tell us who you are.  Awww, she’s just a hockey mom.  Wow!  She’s got 5 children.  Her husband is hot.  Can’t wait for Bristol’s wedding. We can trust a small-town mom with children of her own.  She’s just one of us.

Wrong.  She is not one of us. She isn’t “just” a hockey mom.

It’s time to unplug and open you eyes.  Politics and reality shows are not the same thing.  We’re not voting for our new best friend.  Leave that up to Paris Hilton.  Vote for the team that will represent your interests.

The following excerpt demonstrates how stupid the McCain camp thinks the American populous is:

Listening to surrogates and aides to John McCain on Thursday, one is left with the impression that there is no great need for Gov. Sarah Palin to actually answer questions during tonight’s vice presidential debate.

Indeed, the spin coming from McCain surrogates and strategists is that all Palin has to do is pass a sort of artificial personality test, in which she strikes an emotional thread with the average voter — question, answers, or intellectual capacity be damned.

Read the full article here.

As Roland Martin said on CNN today: forget who is wearing the better pair of glasses and the superficial and listen.