July 27, 2010

Mad Women: Any Guesses As To Don Draper’s Safe Word?

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While most recaps focus on the entire aspect of a show, this one’s going to be a little bit different.  As this is a feminist blog deconstructing images and portrayals of women in pop culture, why spend an entire post rambling on about the men of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price.  Instead, these recaps will focus on the women of Mad Men – the main ladies: Peggy, Joan, and Betty, and any new additions or guest stars – hence the title “Mad Women.”

Peggy has a new haircut this season, which I think is her best yet (not to be snarky, but thank god those bangs are gone).  She has a new coworker, who’s name I didn’t quite catch, except that Peggy says in a breathy voice “John” and he returns in the same tone “Marsha.”  (Thanks to the A.V. Club for providing explanation of this.)  It’s great to see her interacting and joking around, having her own office, running things.  However, Don was still an asshole to her (annoying considering how much she’s done for him over the years she’s worked for him – both personally and business related.)  Oh right Don, she’s never bailed you (literally) out of a bad situation, right?