September 24, 2008

Rock, Palin and the Rumors (Reality) of a New World Order

Ministry and Megadeath sang of a New World Order.

“…Joining hands with the wicked one/Revelation has come to pass/ New world order, will hold the mass/A book written by man/Used to control and command/All rights will be denied/Without the mark you shall die/No confession, all is know/New world order, you shall be shown/New world order comes in stages/Currency is obsolete/Feel the agony of defeat/Symbol of society today/A must have or you shall pay/As human flesh leads the mind/Just as a pawn the last martyr dies…”

I couldn’t help think of my angst filled youth draped in black and discussing various conspiracy theories with my teen cohort when I read the recent article by Naomi Wolfe on the Huffington Post warning of the impending police state with Sarah Palin riding at the helm. Click here to read the complete article.