October 7, 2008

Highlights at the Huffinton Post

Whoa!  Really?  Is this a political campaign in the United States in 2008?  “Kill him” as in the “terrorist” Obama at McCain-Palin rally in New Mexico. Read here.

Palin claims that Obama is “palling around” with terrorists.  Read here.

The women at The View continue to hash it out. Read here.

Olberman to Palin:

September 15, 2008

Jong and Rove (!) call McCain/Palin on their lies

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In Saturday’s Huffington Post, Erica Jong asks John McCain exactly how stupid he thinks women are and forces the McCain/Palin camp to confront their own peverse sense of reality.  Even Karl Rove brought attention to their advertsing campaigns and the blatant lies contained therein. From the looks of it, the McCain/Palin camp have come to believe their own lies in a twisted postmodern political fairytale.  The current political campaign eerily resembles a reality show wherein the fictional becomes more real than reality. 

Jong in an open letter to McCain:

“We’re not that stupid. Sure it would be nice if the women of America believed that everyone with breasts and a vagina believed in equality. But it ain’t so. Women have differing views — just like men.

Some like beer; some like chardonnay. And some prefer AA. Some like automatic weapons; some don’t. Some think every pregnancy is sanctified; some don’t. Some think presidents should be qualified for office; some don’t care.

But to take the struggle for equal rights that has gone on for two centuries and embody it in the person of Sarah Palin is not just misleading but abusive. Charging rape victims for rape kits is a travesty of equal rights. Insisting that government impose your own views of abortion on others is anti-equality. Cutting funding for black teenage mothers is anti-feminist and racist. Lying to the electorate about your record is insolent. Do you think we’re too stupid or indolent to check?

We have checked. You are lying and so is she. But you must think that a big lie repeated over and over becomes the truth. And it seems that many Americans are with you on that. “