May 13, 2009

Pretty pushed on laboring women

I found this at Radical Doula and it just pisses me off!

Pretty Pushers (the name says it all) is “modernizing” your labor  by making it “fashionable” with designer delivery gowns and a “dressed up delivery kit.”

I swear!

This is fucking crazy. In order to primp up “that unrecognizable monster” (YES! This advertisement actually says MONSTER) in the hospital for post delivery photos (what are they sending in the paparazzi, I mean, really!?), the kit offers sheer gloss, lemon-water towlettes and a headband for those damn fly aways that birthing a human being brings about.

As if we didn’t have enough pressure in general…and I though the relentless focus on post baby weight loss was horrendous! This takes it to another level entirely.

And “moderninzing” labor? Labor is labor. What, throwing in consumer goods and imposed beauty standards and voila! we have a “modern” birth?

As Radical Doula says:

Perpetuating screwed up ideas about women’s beauty is already infuriating enough, but now we need to mix it in with childbirth. If you’ve ever actually been with a woman after she’s given birth, I’d say she looks pretty damn beautiful, sweat and all.