December 3, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, Amy.

Amy Poehler makes me laugh and makes me happy. I love her. Unabashedly. She’s brilliant, she’s hilarious and she’s all about being herself and inspiring other women to do the same and that is the premise of her new show, Smart Girls at the Party. Be fabulous, be funny, be smart, be yourself and take pride in it.

That’s an awesome message for girls and women of all ages in an era that promotes the dumbing down of the American female. After all, smart girls have more fun.

The most recent episode features “7-year-old Ruby, who Amy describes as a “feminist, activist, deep thinker and artist”, who gives her own perspective on feminism, stating matter-of-factly: “I think that boys and girls are of equal value” and sings a feminist anthem she wrote.” Fuck yeah!

Beyond the celebratory message of self acceptance, the interview with Amy, Meredith and Amy emphasizes the importance of female solidarity and friendship. Like many women, I used to proudly proclaim that “most of my friends are guys.” The suspicion, envy, competition and trash talking among women and girls is a debilitating disease that impairs the development of enduring, meaningful and nurturing relationships. The importance of female bonds counters the individualistic, me-first, narcissistic version of “feminism” that has been mass marketed in the last decade. I’m stoked!