February 27, 2011

Live-Blogging the Oscars

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This liveblog is in reverse-chronological order.  Refresh the page for the latest updates.

8:36 Well it was an underwhelming and mildly offensive show.  Recap with more in-depth thoughts to be posted tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

8:14 Is there a reason why most of the best actress clips are of the women in pain?  Just wondering.

8:02 Academy brought out a woman to introduce a woman, to introduce a woman, but, whoops, forgot to nominate a woman.

7:50 I find the idea of women’s “goddess”-ness being tied to smooth legs, really, really problematic.

7:41 Well, I’m offended by the lack of diversity throughout the show.

7:28 I seriously do not understand this obsession with the early Oscars, all it does is show how far Hollywood hasn’t come, with about as much diversity in 2011 as there was in the 1950s.

7:24 Sorry for the slow updates, haven’t seen anything offensive or great in a while.

6:48 Well that’s twice that a woman was part of a winning team and didn’t get in a word.  Not sure if it was decided beforehand who would speak, but just an observation.

6:28 Academy is better at recognizing women filmmakers when looking at foreign movies, apparently.

6:26 Disappointed to see cross-dressing being played for laughs.

6:12 Why is this show glamorizing “old” Hollywood so much, conveniently ignoring that it was full of racism, sexism, etc.?

5:57 Aaaand, now he’s hitting on the winner too.

5:55 Hailee Steinfeld is in the wrong category – should be “Best Actress”, she is the star of True Grit.

5:53  The whole Kirk Douglas-Anne Hathaway thing had a cringeworthy “creepy old man” vibe to it.

5:45 Sad to see the woman (set director) not able to get in a word during the first win.

5:41: The lesbian jokes are pretty cringeworthy, to say the least.

5:39 Jokes that comment on Hollywood’s sexism?  I’m surprised.

5:11 Advertising isn’t much better than the super bowl, just different “Crows feet belong on birds”  ugh.

5:00 Sad to see Jennifer Hudson’s weight vaguely mentioned in the red-carpet interview.

4:48: Yay for Tim Gunn pointing out how rarely women even host the Oscars.

4:47: Congrats to E! for figuring out a way to comment negatively on actresses dresses and bodies before the show has even begun.

4:33: I considered liveblogging the red-carpet pre-shows, but there’s way too much second-hand embarrassment in these to handle.

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  1. I think I had the exact same observations throughout. Every year I am excited for the Oscars, and every year I realize I’m too old, too educated, and too liberal (at 22) to not notice all the sexism/racism/out of date/boring-ness of it all.

    Comment by McLicious — February 28, 2011 @ 9:20 am

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