June 7, 2010

Breastfeeding: Nurturing or Sexual?

Julie Bowen of Modern Family recently shared a picture with George Lopez of her breastfeeding her twins in a move called the “double football hold.” Unsurprisingly, that photo, seen below, created a public outcry and claimed that the picture was offensive and shocking.

The squeamish response is unsurprising given previous outcries in recent years. In 2006, Babytalk, a free parenting magazine consumed mostly by mothers, received a backlash from offended parties when they featured a cover of a nursing baby in profile. The magazine received over 700 letters, comments included:

I was SHOCKED to see a giant breast on the cover of your magazine,” one person wrote. “I immediately turned the magazine face down,” wrote another. “Gross,” said a third.

One mother who didn’t like the cover explains she was concerned about her 13-year-old son seeing it.

“I shredded it,” said Gayle Ash, of Belton, Texas, in a telephone interview. “A breast is a breast, it’s a sexual thing. He didn’t need to see that.”

“Gross, I am sick of seeing a baby attached to a boob,” wrote Lauren, a mother of a 4-month-old.

Here is the “controversial” cover:

Angelina Jolie created a similar uproar in November, 2008 when she appeared on the cover of W Magazine nursing one of her newborn twins. Along with general discomfort, people responded to the breastfeeding image as something inherently sexual and claimed that the cover photo “sexualized” the act of nursing.

I don’t buy into the excuse that any of the photos featured above are too sexually explicit. I’m subjected to more boob by non-nursing women walking down the street, in my classes, in restaurants, on the beach and  in pop culture on a daily basis than I am by any breastfeeding mother, on a magazine cover or otherwise. From the obsession with Heidi Montag’s ever increasing breast size to the never-ending Kardashian covers featuring one or all 3 Kardashian sisters bikini clad, from Dancing with the Stars to the notoriously nude PETA campaigns, public exposure to breasts is commonplace and unremarkable. Nude female bodies are a continuous pop culture staple and, as demonstrated below, lad mags are not the only culprits featuring image after image of highly sexualized, objectified, scantily clad or nude  female bodies. In fact, nudity or near nudity has become normative, a result of the increasingly fuzzy boundary between pop culture and pornography. This line grows finer each year making women’s jiggly bits (or not so jiggly, as the case may be) and yards of spray-tanned and greased up skin the standard, a standard that doesn’t result in nearly the same public protest as a breastfeeding mother and her child.

The female body situated within the system of patriarchy is not hers alone. The female body is considered public domain, open to public ogling, scrutiny and unwelcomed commentary. In addition to patriarchal ownership the female body, women’s bodies are situated within a hyper-sexualized culture that defines women as objects of heterosexual male desire. Within this context, female breasts are solely sexual objects and so the act of nursing takes on a sexualized tone, a tone created by contemporary cultural definitions. I had a pregnant acquaintance that cringed at the thought of nursing her own child, an act she thought “was gross.” After all, “who would want a small mouth sucking on your nipples?” These negative and narrow-minded attitudes toward nursing women has gotten mothers kicked out of public spaces for feeding their infants (which has inspired protest in the form of nurse-ins).

Not only do some mothers choose not to breastfeed their newborns due to this sexualization of the female breast, women often choose not to nurse their babies because they don’t want to “ruin” their breasts. It’s sort of mind-boggling that women perfectly capable of breast feeding (obviously, not all mothers are able to breast feed for a variety of reasons) choose to deny their infants breast milk in order to keep them in tip-top condition for public display.  Similarly, Jillian Michaels’ recent statement that pregnancy would ruin her body falls in line with these sentiments. These attitudes and decisions reflect the internalization of the culture at large, a culture that defines women by the firmness of their asses, the perkiness of their breasts and the tautness of their bellies.

Women’s bodies belong to the women that inhabit them, including their breasts. It’s high-time that we begin to dismantle patriarchy’s hold on our minds, bodies and souls.


  1. Amen!

    Comment by Rhonda — June 8, 2010 @ 9:28 am

  2. I’m 14 and I watched my mother nurse my sister for two years or so. I thought nothing of it, and it was normal to see other women nursing. There is nothing sexual about feeding your baby. A baby comes out of a woman’s vagina, does that make childbirth sexual? I’m glad celebrities like Angelina Jolie are openly breastfeeding. A woman can do what she pleases with her body, and giving food to her child should not be controversial at all. It is not a crime, nor is it sexual. Women who freak out over this need to get over it. They can feed their baby however they want, but breastfeeding is quite nurturing and natural, and is not sexual at all.

    Comment by Emma Kimbrough — June 13, 2010 @ 8:45 am

  3. Breastfeeding can be sexual, but so can urinating, eating, picking something up, popping a zit, throwing a ball, sleeping, jumping on a trampoline, sitting down, driving a car, or doing practically anything else. The question shouldn’t be whether something is sexual, but whether or not it is offensive and why. Just because some people are turned on by something doesn’t mean we have to let those people decide laws and standards as to what is offensive. Pretty soon we’ll have pant legs on the furniture and women will be wearing burkas while men will need to keep their nipples covered, too.

    I’m much more offended by women who refuse to breastfeed because it’s inconvenient and don’t even try. Not that I pry, because some mothers want to but can’t breastfeed. I’m also offended that something so healthy and available is made less convenient by idiots.

    Comment by jon — June 14, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

  4. This is nothing sexual about breast feeding to me personally, but some people have strange fetishes and get off to that kind of stuff. that is why it is a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious before breast feeding in public

    Comment by Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation — June 18, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

  5. Could not have been written better. Thanks for the article!

    Comment by Rachel Valley — June 19, 2010 @ 7:49 pm

  6. people make me sick. the reason we have breast are to nurse. it makes me so flippen mad when people get grossed out with this. its the world we live in today that make breasts a sexual thing. if there wasnt so much porn and bikini models with “perfected photoshopped” boddys then we wouldnt be talking about this.

    Comment by Destiny — June 22, 2010 @ 4:19 am

  7. I can’t believe the negative reactions the picture has provoked. Breastfeeding is something that can really be considered as a gift from God. I really can’t understand how can someone see anything sexual watching a baby eating.

    Comment by Breastfeeding Info — June 23, 2010 @ 3:57 am

  8. This is just ridiculous!
    I am German and have lived in Germany most of my life, but I have also lived in the US for three years.
    It really is astonishing how differently breastfeeding is perceived in America and Europe. The opinion of most people in my country, and my personal opinion, is that breastfeeding is simply that – feeding. There is nothing sexual about it. Women here nurse in restaurants, in parks, in trains – and no one cares. No woman here would think of giving their baby formula unless breatfeeding wasn’t possible for her.
    And I think, because from a young age, children are exposed to breastfeeding, they grow up to see it as something non-sexual.
    However, I believe that it won’t be too long now until this hypersexualized American perception of women will have completely spread to Europe.

    Comment by Raphaela — June 24, 2010 @ 9:51 am

  9. @Raphaela. Thanks for your comment. Like you, I lived in Germany for many years as my mother is German and was exposed to a completely different perspective on not just breast feeding but the nude body in general.

    Comment by Melanie — June 24, 2010 @ 9:57 am

  10. These victims of the patriarchy “often choose not to nurse their babies because they don’t want to ‘ruin’ their breasts.” Oh dear…better to just ruin civilization and humanity one nature-deprived child at a time. But hey- we’ll all have giant perky breasts! LOL

    Comment by mp — July 25, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

  11. I don’t understand how much sensitive people in Ameria can be. In my opinon, breastfeeding is nurturing or feeding the baby. It is not sexual. Where I come from, it is not seen as sexual; it is seen as giving the baby milk. It may sound blunt, but it is that way in my parent’s country. I believe a woman has her own right to breastfeed (if she is able to, of course) her children. It should not be forced, but it should not be condemned either.

    Comment by David Ruano — October 15, 2010 @ 10:55 pm

  12. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding to me personally but thats just me. I think that women should be able to breastfeed wherever they desire and not be restricted to certain places. I think that it is horrible that women that need to breastfeed their babies are looked at in this way.

    Comment by Joshua. S — October 17, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

  13. i think its horrible that breast feeding is seen as “sexual” its not about you, you greedy mother its about your babies health! breast feeding is natural and healthy for an infant. mothers need to get over the fact that they dont want to ruin their brests, they should have thought of that before they got pregnant!

    Comment by Delyla M. — October 17, 2010 @ 5:14 pm

  14. I think it’s disgusting that people are associating breastfeeding to something sexual. I agree that other images found in the media tend to be sexual and lately such images are becoming more and more sexual. For example many commercials such as the Axe body wash commercial is extremely sexual and it comes on when children watch tv, if anything that is bluntly sexual.

    Comment by Dalal C. — October 20, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

  15. Bravo…I have breastfed both of my children football style and am glad these kinds of analyses are making it to the public eye.
    But, I am mixed and would like to hear other comments on this issue. Maybe, it is wrong for me to ask but this is what popped in my head.
    What was Julie’s intention of putting it on the George Lopez show. It didn’t seem to be the forum I would have used and especially with this angle…I didnt find it sexual but I thought it was odd to present it there in that way.

    Comment by andrea ureno — February 1, 2011 @ 9:30 am

  16. The idea of breastfeeding being somehow sexual is more than a little disgusting to me. They’re breasts! So what? They’re an important part of the female reproductive system. They’re a piece of anatomy. What makes them so taboo? Why on earth should it?

    I also agree with you that this is the result of female bodies being made nothing more than something designed for public het-male eye-candy, and I hate that.
    Don’t get me wrong: I admire women who own their sexuality and aren’t afraid to show off their bodies. I myself have no qualms about walking out the house in thigh-highs with short shorts, or six-inch platform heels, because sometimes I want days where I feel sexy for no reason other than that I can be. As a fully-developed adult I can be actively and aggressively sexual if I want, and I’ll be damned if anyone tries to tell me that it makes me a slut.

    What gets to me is when it’s presented like this: passive sexuality designed for men and based around the idea that your physical value defines who you are. That without it, without male approval, without conforming to the very limited view of what makes a gorgeous woman, you’re nothing. That is what creates rubbish like this.

    Comment by Amelie — March 23, 2011 @ 5:24 pm

  17. Until reading this article, I had no idea breast feeding was so controversial. I can’t believe that society is sexualizing a gift that women are given to feed and nurture their newborns, it is pretty ridiculous. Especially the fact that they make a big deal of a baby on a boob, when in every other advertisement women are naked and oiled up ready to be “eye candy”. -Leora Sheily

    Comment by Leora Sheily — April 17, 2011 @ 8:06 pm

  18. My mom was unable to breast feed me when I was born because of some weird reaction I had to her milk. The response she received because of that was weird though, people either crucified her for not feeding me natural milk or they assumed she was doing it for vanity reasons (i.e. so her breasts stayed pretty). Reading the opening paragraph and then seeing the actual cover, just further proves to me how puritanical and hypocritical people are in this country. We can use women to sell beer, tampons, furniture, cars, food, and whatever else the ad managers want, however, we can’t advertise what her breasts are actually supposed to be used for??? For anyone who thinks that feminists are just being hyper sensitive, this would be a perfect argument against that. It is so obvious after reading the responses to the magazine that women don’t own their bodies, in fact, we never have.

    Comment by Danielle G. — April 19, 2011 @ 3:16 pm

  19. I’ve always found it odd that people find such a natural thing as breastfeeding as indecent. when compared to pictures like those posted above it is boggling that someone might think breastfeeding is gross when those pictures are obviously very sexual. people really need to get over themselves and learn that that the human body isnt always sexual.

    Comment by Shawn S — June 1, 2011 @ 5:27 pm

  20. It’ s absurd how something as natural and normal as breast feeding has become sexualized. Breast feeding is done for providing valuable nutrients to the growing baby. Coming from India where formula is used only by women who are unable to produce breast-milk, it’s disturbing to know that women in this country will refuse to give their milk because they don’t want their breasts becoming distorted and unattractive.

    Comment by Nilu V — October 24, 2011 @ 8:29 pm

  21. Society has made breastfeeding taboo. it is characterized as something to be hidden or done in private when in reality, it is a natural and beautiful thing. It almost makes society seem immature and perverted in the way they perceive breastfeeding and find a picture of it so outlandish and unacceptable. In a hyper-sexual world, it is no wonder people can’t view the female body as anything else but a sex object. It is almost out of teh realm of their minds to witness the female body being used for something other than SEX.

    Comment by Tiffany Majdipour — October 25, 2011 @ 6:03 pm

  22. The scrutiny from the public regarding the breast-feeding photo’s is evidence of how highly sexualized the female image has become. What once was a natural and nurturing process is being matched with comments like “gross!” Having a baby is a completely natural process, maintaining firm boobs and no-cellulite thighs isn’t natural whatsoever. Yet media is so obsessed with this common image that now even the perfectly healthy, capable women want to deny their babies their milk? I can’t fathom the point of making the choice to have a baby and then worrying about the firmness of your breast.

    Comment by Biana Bitman — October 25, 2011 @ 10:12 pm

  23. It great to see how everyone agrees that America is so self obsessed that nature & health becomes secondary image. It is really sad. I hope we become more like Europe not vice versa.

    Comment by Carenna Willmont — November 1, 2011 @ 10:31 am

  24. Sad to see that something natural has to be seen as something so negative all thanks to the messages the media gives us. I do agree that some things should be kept private and that if somebody were to chose to breastfeed their infant out in public, they would do it in a desecrate way. However, that should be out of respect not for the reason that people might view your act as a sexual act. Grow up people it is natural!

    Comment by Tandis Shams Fard — November 7, 2011 @ 2:09 pm

  25. Log on to YouTube and do a search for tutorial videos on how to breast feed an infant. Judging by the comments left on the videos, there are perverts lurking throughout the website. This reinforces the fact that breasts are utilized for sexual objects within the system of patriarchy. On another note, I also think that the cover of W Magazine featuring Angelina Jolie created controversy because Angelina is well known as a sex symbol in Hollywood culture. Because of her position in the mass media, people can’t help but to cross over the idea of nursing with the sexualization of a woman’s breasts.

    Comment by Bridget T. — November 26, 2011 @ 1:00 am

  26. I find it ridiculous that this is getting so much attention, a women breastfeeds her child and its the end of the world but it’s completely fine for a man to whip out his penis and pee in public, it makes no sense to me. Breast feeding isn’t sexual in any way and maybe it’s those people who claim it’s sexual that have the problem.

    Comment by Chloe Shenassa (women studies 10 scholars) — December 6, 2011 @ 7:09 pm

  27. “A breast is a breast, it’s a sexual thing. He didn’t need to see that.”

    This comment critiquing the cover of Baby Talk stood out to me more than anything else in this article. At this point in time, it is no surprise to me that people feel uncomfortable or offended around women breast-feeding their children in public. I can’t count the number of times I’ve read articles of women being shamed or even fined for what is a perfectly natural act.

    The quote stands out to me because a breast, in fact, is not inherently a sexual thing. A breast is simply a part of the body. It is society and the media which add this other layer of meaning. All a parent has to do is explain to their child that a mother is feeding their child and it’s a normal thing. If that’s the message being passed on, that is the message that will be received, and it simply won’t be such a big, uncomfortable deal anymore. There is no need to shame people for committing an act vital to the welfare of a baby.

    Comment by Antonia C. — January 15, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

  28. Breastfeeding is not a sexual act in any way. The only way that it’s sexual is if you make it that way, and practically anything can be made sexual. Hell–eating is a sexual act if you want it to be and no one complains about pictures of people eating, right? It’s ridiculous that people can be so close-minded and ignorant. Breastfeeding is exactly what the name says–FEEDING.

    Comment by Breanna Khorrami — January 17, 2012 @ 4:39 pm

  29. How do we find mothers nurturing their babies disgusting, but not the great amount of nakedness of women that we see all throughout magazines, billboards, etc? I believe people find breastfeeding as sexual because a child is under a woman’s breast, but that child is obtaining the necessary nutrients he/she needs. This society is so perverted that a part of a human life and growth that is completely natural is found sexual to the media.

    Comment by Mary H. — January 17, 2012 @ 5:54 pm

  30. I had always been aware of this negative stigma that has been associated with breastfeeding, a stigma which I have always found very strange, and this article was a perfect example of how our society is based off a patriarchal mindset. It’s also an interesting glimpse into how we view the idea of “sexuality” in our society. The fact that a picture of a mother nursing her child can cause such an outrageous uproar, while women exposing practically every inch of their bodies can continue to gloss the covers of our magazines month after month does make a very interesting remark on our society. There is nothing sexual about the act of breastfeeding and it is one of the most natural things that can happen, and it’s really astonishing how quick we are to demonize something that is actually a PART of us.

    Comment by Nisha Chauhan-McGrath — January 17, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

  31. I honestly don’t get it. What’s the big deal anyway? A girl can be walking down the street with her tah-tahs hanging out and nobody tells her anything negative. If anything she will get all the positive attention in the world by men. Usually women breastfeeding make it seem as nothing is going on. But once a person sort of figures out what’s she’s doing it becomes a huge deal. And all of a sudden it’s their business. And they feel like that has to intrude in this mother, baby feeding time. I am a full supporter of breastfeeding. And I can’t wait to be told something in a public area, so I can tell those ignorant, naive people off.

    Comment by Sarah R. — January 18, 2012 @ 8:54 pm

  32. Breastfeeding is not sexual because its here to nurture a child, Although it’s perfectly appropriate to feed your baby any way that feels comfortable. Most women are shy and cover themselves up because they don’t want others to look at their breast. If your a woman and you get pregnant, I don’t see anything wrong to Breastfeed your own child. The reason to have a breast is to breastfeed a baby, its perfectly fine to me to breastfeed a baby. Also it so natural,healthy and nurturing to see a mother breastfeed their baby, its draws connections and affection. Come on people Breastfeeding I believe that there is nothing more better that a mother can give to a newborn than breast milk and to feed them in public.

    Comment by Tiffany M — January 18, 2012 @ 9:03 pm

  33. I was unable to breastfeed my children and it was very hard for me to come to terms with that. So when I read that certain women have opted not to breastfeed simply to keep their breasts intact I am completely dismayed. We should certainly consider the bigger picture and wonder just what type of mother would do this in the first place, and why on earth does she have a baby? To address the issue of whether breastfeeding is nurturing or sexual I would have to say that the act of breastfeeding is nurturing but the breasts themselves are sexual. A woman can be stimulated through her breasts and I think this is part of the reason why breasts are so highly sexualized … simply put, they are sexy. I believe this is why some people don’t quite know how to react to women who breastfeed in public, or to photos they see on magazine covers. It is very hard to separate the act of breastfeeding from the breasts themselves so although I don’t condone adverse reactions to it, I do understand why the reactions are there.

    Comment by Willemina v. — January 20, 2012 @ 2:23 pm

  34. i find it ubsurd that the media judges women about breastfeeding cause its told to be “sexual”. how is it ok for a man to whip out his penis but its not okay if women breastfeed? breastfeeding is just part of women hood.

    Comment by Jonteen R — January 21, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

  35. Unfortunately, this view that breast-feeding is “gross” or is not acceptable in public is widely-held and instilled in our minds from a young age. I remember being a young girl and seeing nursing mothers try painfully and uncomfortably to hide under large blankets or hide in corners of public places in order to avoid the embarrassment and scrutiny that comes hand-in-hand with breastfeeding. Seeing this, I could not help but think of the strains I must one day take when I myself have children and must breastfeed in public. Would I have to be embarrassed and go to great depths to hide myself and avoid stares? I hope that sometime in the near future, people will be able to understand the clear differences between a mother who is nursing and the sexual implications of a breast and understand that the two are not the same. In the meantime, I believe it is extremely inappropriate for women to feel shame or any embarrassment when simply trying to feed their children and I disagree with anyone who tries to attest that the nursing women on the covers of such magazines are trying to sexualize breastfeeding in any way.

    Comment by Camille Yona — January 22, 2012 @ 11:38 am

  36. I’ll admit at first I used to think that mothers who breastfeeded in public were being disrespectful to the people around them. But then I realized that it’s a natural thing. Sure it can be sexual but thats only for the person who makes it a sexual thing! I understand some women think breastfeeding should be a private moment with the mother and child but all their doing is nurturing the baby. Sorry but the baby is hungry and the mother will not let her own child starve. Therefore, I think breastfeeding is nurturing AND sexual.

    Comment by Kammira B — January 22, 2012 @ 4:20 pm

  37. This reminds me of a time my mother got angry with another mother who was breastfeeding her baby at a food court in the mall. It wasn’t odd to me, but to my mother it was. I do agree it can have a sexual tone to the act but in many cases, the women who is breast feeding is simply trying to just breast feed her baby. It is the act of nurturing her child and being sexual at the same time. It is perfectly natural for a baby to be fed by the mother’s breasts. I think there is no problem, but I can see why other people would have a problem with it. Some people are very ignorant. It shouldn’t be anyone’s concern except the mother who is breastfeeding.

    Comment by Alexandria S — January 23, 2012 @ 11:24 pm

  38. This article is one of the many examples that portrays how much society is affected by the media and how it has skewed our knowledge. Breast-feeding is a natural and the healthiest way to feed a baby, it is part of our human nature!!! It’s honestly the biggest shame that now people are thinking of it as a “sexual” action. It’s so ironic how these breastfeeding pictures which should be accepted as a natural part of raising your infant got over 700 letters of rebuke while people are continuing to accept the non-nursing women who are flaunting their breasts and bodies!!
    The blame is on the media where they have created such a taboo image of women with this perception that women are “eye-candy” to men and are expected to be sexy, that it is okay to be basically naked to sell products in advertisements and other aspects of media but g-d forbid that the same would be accepted for something which the media doesn’t include.

    Comment by Rosemary A — January 24, 2012 @ 9:46 am

  39. It is very natural for a woman to breast-feed her infant. It is the perfect source of nutrition and has the proper ingredients for that child to grow into a functioning baby. It is so very unfortunate that people are ignorant to see that breast-feeding as a natural action, and shows care and nurture, it is NOT at all sexual. One that sees it as sexual is not in touch with their own sexuality, and does not understand what it means to be sexual vs. being a good mother. It is clear that for generations, women breast-feed their infants with no stigma of it being sexual or inappropriate. It was not thought to be uncomfortable, but the utmost sign of affection and giving. This just shows how society has been able to manipulate such a beautiful action, into something it really is not.

    Comment by Yasmin M — January 30, 2012 @ 11:32 pm

  40. Back in the day breast feeding was very common and women were allowed to breastfeed in public. Obviously, we all know that, that has been changed. I think that it all has to do with how breast have been used in such a sexual way by the media. In addition, the fact that they have sexualized everything and associated a boob or a breast with only sex and used women as object. I don’t understand, celebrities always show their boobs and they wear see through shirts to “show off” their fake boobs. I don’t understand how that is more okay than showing a nurturing mother who is just trying to feed her child. I deem that it is because society is looking at the female body in a more sexual way than nurturing way. I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman breast feeding her child. We need to show more serious and good sides of women, because we have a lot going for us. We are not sex objects and we need to stop being displayed as just that. It hurts me to see how society’s norms has been so altered, we went from being displayed as caring and nurturing to sexualized.

    Comment by Simone — January 31, 2012 @ 11:57 pm

  41. It is really sad for people to view breastfeeding as something “gross.” I feel like breast are part of a women because they are intended to nature a new born. However, in society now breast are seen as only sexual. People don’t want to know that milk comes out of a breast. It is very disappointing that it is accepted for girls to go nude and show their breast and not be able to breastfeed in public. I think breastfeeding is very normal and people need to stop being ignorant about it.

    Comment by Juliana C. — February 2, 2012 @ 8:05 am

  42. Actually, I don’t get why people think that it is gross. What is the deal with breast feeding? To be honest, it is all about nature phenomenon. Everyone has to follow this process of growth, you and me also. If I were a person who wrote this, “One mother who didn’t like the cover explains she was concerned about 13-years old son seeing it,” it is perfect for him what the birds and bees are. Please not shame on it.

    Comment by Youjung An — February 3, 2012 @ 6:12 pm

  43. I don’t see anything wrong or sexual with breastfeeding but I know so many women who do. I actually think that in the teenage population today it is the girls not the boys who have the biggest problem with breastfeeding. PErhaps it is the constant oversexualization of their breasts that has made them reluctant to show them but I haven’t yet had a boy tell me how he thinks breastfeeding is gross, yet girls will volunteer their opinion on this matter constantly. I think that we should tone down the sexualization of breast in general and maybe that would let breastfeeding be less taboo and be practiced in public more often and without judgement.

    Comment by Rory O — February 4, 2012 @ 3:01 pm

  44. I believe that this is just another example of how far the media has gone, so much that now mothers and their babies are being affected. I think that whether nursing a baby in public or in your own home is sexual all comes down to how every individual decides to see it and ones personal opinion. For some people, seeing a mother expose her breast and feed her baby is something that as mentioned in the artilce is “gross” and “sexual” but this is only the case if thats how you yourself decide to see it. To others, it might be the most amazing thing ever, a blessing to be able to feed your baby with what was given to you, breasts. I personally see breast feeding as something that is natural, something that some mothers do from the moment their baby is born until he or she is old enouph to use another type of milk, rather then something that is sexual. Sexual to me is intimasy and exosing yourself out with very little clothing, now that is sexual, breast feeding is natural, but then again it all just relates back to how every individual views women breast feeding.

    Comment by Yesenia O — February 4, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

  45. It is sad how the media twist things up. I feel it is another corporate plan to change the way women feel about their bodies. Instead of encouraging women to accept their bodies naturally after birth, they instead they make it ok to walk around half naked then call it sexy and then associate breastfeeding with it and call it wrong. The media just gets worst and worst. On top of that, if there is a big concern about children being expose to women breastfeeding in public, there are magazines, and music videos that exposes sexuality to children anyway. Children are exposed to sex by other means than breastfeeding.

    Comment by Payne T — February 4, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

  46. Personally, I dont think there is anything wrong with breast feeding. It’s perfectly natural and should not even be thought of as “gross” or “disgusting.” It is the most natural way to feed and nourish your new born baby, why exploit it and advertise it as a bad thing? I actually agree with one of the comments above that mentioned something like these days, its mostly the women or adolescent female teens that think that breast feeding is unnecessary and gross. Growing up in a different country, I have witnessed numerous family members breast feed their babies and not one malicious thought has yet to come across my mind since I view it as a natural thing. I think its mainly mainstream America and the media that sends this as a sexual view. To view breast feeding as something sexual, there must be something wrong going on in that persons head.

    Comment by Gabriel Y. — February 4, 2012 @ 9:47 pm

  47. Breast is also part of our bodies. I don’t understand why so many guys, including myself, are so turned on by breasts. I can say that I wasn’t like that before. But many of my guy friends were really sensitive of the breasts. I feel like they forced me into being just like them, but I’m happy to say that I changed back and I’m super happy!
    I feel like the media has made us become like that. I can remember 8years ago in Israel, where I would see ladies breastfeeding in the mall. Or change their baby’s dipper. And that was okay. I can also remember that there weren’t so many bubs shown on their movies, or what has always been a question in my mind, why do they usually show only breasts during a sexual scene in a movie? Can’t they just show the full body, or don’t even show anything!

    Comment by MATAN P — February 5, 2012 @ 6:12 pm

  48. There’s something completely twisted about the responses and reactions. Breasts have been so hyper-sexualized, it’s become normal for it to be seen as a sex object. It’s odd that something so natural as breastfeeding has become seen as unnatural. The true intended purpose of the breast is completely undermined and then disrespected.

    Comment by Jessica K — February 6, 2012 @ 10:18 am

  49. It freaking sucks because I can now clearly see what it means for women to live the double standard life set. It almost becomes hopeless for me to think that one day this double standard life that is embedded on a woman’s life will never come to an end. People are so quick to judge and say things that harm others. I’m so disappointed at even the comments that were posted in response from the magazine because one was actually a mother of a 4 month old child. How can she be so against what she’s actually doing. It’s one thing if you don’t understand the processes of to what comes of being a women, but if you are a women and especially have done things that fully labels you a mother, then I think you should be more mature about these things. It seriously is true when someone says that if women do things for the pleasure of others then it’s so widely accepted, but if it is something that benefit others then it’s always scrutinized and blamed for. I don’t see any reasoning to that. I just wish that people would just accept the idea that these things are all part of life and there are things that we just need to understand without having to blurt out unnecessary comments/

    Comment by Crystina K — February 6, 2012 @ 10:29 am

  50. This article is completely correct in it’s critique of how the full function of breasts and what they represent in our society are two conflicting things. Yes, breasts serve sexual functions, but they are primarily for the feeding of infants. Breast feeding is important for many reasons: it creates an intimate relationship between the mother and the child, it gives the baby all the essential nutrients and immunities that can only be properly distributed in such a way, and the act itself has be proven to instill confidence in the child. A babe that doesn’t actively breastfeed from the beginning misses out on many important things that contribute to it’s growth and development, and to have society at large actively shame such an act is a disincentive to the growth and stability of that very society.

    Comment by Taja Eddahbi — February 6, 2012 @ 11:14 am

  51. One word: Ridiculous. Feeding a child is “disgusting” and “gross” because breast is shown in public? I can’t believe there are mothers who think that way. I want to criticize those mothers who disapproved the cover of breastfeeding in magazines, however, in a way they are also victims of patriarchy. Most likely the mothers critical of breastfeeding images themselves had not realized that they are seeing breasts as sexualized objects as suggested by media and images that saturate them. So their reaction to seeing bare, naked breasts as “sexual” regardless of its function of feeding a child is almost natural to them, since all the images of breasts they are exposed to served merely as objects of heterosexual male desire.

    Comment by Jin Min — February 6, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

  52. I find it outrageous that women, along with many others, find breast-feeding to be sexual and disgusting. During my time at Santa Monica College, I took an Adolescent Psychology class and learned the importance of breast-feeding and all the benefits that it provides. In fact, there have been many studies that have shown and proven these benefits. I do not see how a child’s own mother could reject breast-feeding and find it sexual in any way when breast-feeding has been something that has existed in our culture for centuries. Although I understand that women are primarily seen as sex objects to the public, this does not mean that the way women are seen is transferred when taking care of a newborn. Women do not act the same way towards their newborn baby as they do towards men that they are sexually attracted to. Therefore, I think the connection of breast-feeding be sexual is outrageous and inaccurate. Previously, breast-feeding has been seen as nurturing and loving. Now, breast-feeding has now changed into some kind of sexual interaction. I do not think how women are portrayed in society should be mixed up with how women have taken care of their new born infants for centuries.

    Comment by Julianne Insogna — April 11, 2012 @ 4:00 pm

  53. I find it outrageous that the media has begun to link nursing babies with sexuality. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural connections between a baby and its mother. Although, I believe that the image of the breast can be sexual and breastfeeding in public may make some people feel uncomfortable. What bothers me most in this article is how some women actually deny breastfeeding in order for them to “preserve” their breasts. Although it is each individual’s decision to do whatever they please with their body, I feel that this is a poor excuse for not partaking in breastfeeding. Moreover, it is a natural part of life. At some point, the media needs to stop force-feeding us this false information that beauty is purely physical. I think men should be supportive of their wives to breastfeed and shouldn’t discourage them from doing it for their own pleasures. I imagine breastfeeding to be an emotional bond between the baby and his or her mother. As mentioned in the article, patriarchy is yet again responsible for how many people in society view breastfeeding, as a sexualized activity, when it should be seen as purely natural.

    Comment by Benjamin B — April 16, 2012 @ 10:43 pm

  54. Honestly, it is such a double standard of who is being advertised too. Adult females seem like they are getting the idea of “feminism” wrong here. Instead of focusing on the women that are being objectified by the media in tabloids and “peta adds”, instead they are going after babies? They are BABIES! Breast feeding is a natural part of life and it is one beautiful act which is not related to sex at all. Breasts are secondary sexual characteristics, they are not showing a birthing on the front of the magazine! Not only this, but where should the line be drawn? If a man has large breast tissue and is on the cover of the magazine, should that be banned? I don’t think it would because men’s breasts are not as stigmatized as that of women.

    Comment by Stephanie Farzam — April 16, 2012 @ 11:52 pm

  55. This idea that nursing in public is atrocious absolutely upsets me. Breast-feeding is a nutritious and healthy part of child rearing, and provides great benefits, such as better overall body and brain development, growth, and immunity. To connect breast-feeding with sexuality completely sexualizes the view altogether, rather than seeing breast feeding as something that benefits infants.

    Comment by Jasmine Y. — April 17, 2012 @ 11:00 am

  56. Seriously, this could not be more ridiculous. How could they take something as breast feeding and sexualize it? Breast feeding is natural, it provides nutrients to a baby. I don’t understand the controversy. How could a mother call something like that “gross?” I understand that it might make some people uncomfortable if they are sitting on a bus and a woman next to them starts breast feeding, but to make such controversy and call it gross is crossing the line. Grow up people!

    Comment by Melody A. — April 21, 2012 @ 4:58 pm

  57. This is absolutely absurd. I just don’t understand our society today — breastfeeding is the PURPOSE of the breasts women choose to display so heavily, not as sexual toys for the men in their lives. I think society seems to have gotten them a bit confused… It is so true that we see breasts propped up and on display way more in our everyday lives than used for their actual purpose and it’s sad that we call the evolutionary use for such an organ as “gross”. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to nourish your child and fosters an intimate mother-child relationship. I think what breaks my heart most is that women are making crucial life decisions in vain, choosing not to have children or breastfeed in order to preserve their “perfect” bodies. Sad.

    Comment by Lyndsay — April 27, 2012 @ 9:56 am

  58. For whatever reason, I have never found breastfeeding as something that should really be hidden in public. I guess the only places I would have ever had a problem with it would have been in a restaurant or dining area, I suppose, but now that I’m reading this article I’m going to try to change that mindset.
    It’s amazing just how much today’s society has distanced itself from what is natural. We’re surrounded by buildings, cars, technology and, of course, advertisements. It shouldn’t be surprising that we are forgetting what is simply natural and replacing it with an image that cannot be altered in any way ( that image being of a boob that is only meant to be exposed in the presence of men and for those men). A woman breast-feeding her baby shouldn’t be something that causes embarrassment or disgust. And yet, we either feel this way or cause these women to feel that way. Just because you don’t get to fondle these pair of breasts doesn’t mean said breasts should be concealed in some corner of shame.
    It’s just a woman keeping her kid healthy, get over it people!

    Comment by Richard Escobar — April 28, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

  59. Let me first say that I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. It is another way to connect a mother and her child on a more personal level. I believe children who are breast fed are better nurtured and the nutrients in breast milk have actually been proven to BENEFIT a newborn baby. Breasts have been sexualized through patriarchy and the belief all women have is their bodies. However, breastfeeding is totally different than breasts alone. When women breastfeed they are not doing it because they are recieving physically pleasure, they are only trying to do what is best for the child. Men and women who see breastfeeding as sexualized, are people who can not get sex off their minds.

    Comment by Carmelle C. — May 9, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

  60. Patriarchy is perverted and therefore sees everything in a perverted light. I’m quite sure indigenous cultures who are not used to seeing the mass amount of nudity that we do on a daily basis by the media think nothing of breast feeding. After all, that is what breasts are for; they are meant to FEED infants. Men are arrogant enough to claim breasts as objects made for their own stimulation. Patriarchy has sexualized breasts and made them objects of male desire. Our society must look incredibly ridiculous to indigenous people who would find it hilarious that women pay insane amounts of money to make their breasts, body parts used to nurse young, bigger and make such a huge deal about their perkiness and firmness.

    Comment by Melody S. — May 27, 2012 @ 6:04 pm

  61. Prior to reading this article, I remember that we touched upon this topic in our Women’s Studies 10 class. It was eye-opening to read this article, because I admit that when I used to see women breastfeed their baby I felt uncomfortable. I had no reason to feel that way, but I did. It makes sense that I felt that way now, because of the way that breasts are portrayed in this patriarchal society. It was the norm to see breasts as sexual objects within magazines and the television. Therefore, I painted the image of breastfeeding to be an awkward moment wherein it is one of the most humane moments that a mother can have with her child. For the first months of the baby’s life, breast milk is needed for the baby to survive. Instead, our male-dominated society have objectified breasts as a sexual objects. In recent news, a woman was asked to leave while breast-feeding her baby at the LACMA museum. She informed the head of the museum that there is a law where women are allowed to breastfeed their baby anywhere, and the LACMA apologized.

    Comment by Giselle A. — May 27, 2012 @ 9:05 pm

  62. Breastfeeding is beautiful and lets face it the only reason we have breasts is for giving our children nutrients. I really don’t like how breasts are portrayed as being sexual objects because they are the opposite. There are so many things you miss out on if you don’t breast feed your children: the strong bond connection you make with your child, the best nutrients for your baby, makes you body recover faster from pregnancy, allows for your baby to be healthier and so on. Why are people so turned against breastfeeding? It is completely natural process and should be seen as it being beautiful like it really is.

    Comment by Sarah Vincent — May 30, 2012 @ 11:40 am

  63. This is an interesting topic since it is an uncomfortable one. I will admit that when my mom’s friend breastfeed in front of me I felt uncomfortable. I know that a woman’s breasts have a purpose and that is to breastfeed. But the media has made a natural phenomena, such as breastfeeding, unnatural. Because of mass media women are now refusing to breastfeed and use other supplements and formulas; which in reality is unhealthy for the baby.

    Comment by Mary Marrone — May 30, 2012 @ 12:28 pm

  64. Because we live in a patriarchy and thus our society is male-driven, we as women along with men sexualize everything. The purpose of the breast is to nurse babies, but unfortunately, our society sees the breast as useful for the pleasure of men. I do not agree with the fact that photos of breastfeeding is too sexual for our society to bear and support that if our society is worried about “inappropriate” photos, they should reconsider all of the media. This article was very eye opening in that I got to observe the photos of breastfeeding alongside photos of stars like Heidi Montag posing in a tiny bikini. Through this, I was able to see where the true sexuality comes from, and it’s not from breastfeeding.

    Comment by Yasmine T. — May 30, 2012 @ 1:46 pm

  65. I find it to be disturbing that people are saying that breastfeeding is sexual. Breastfeeding is natural and women have been doing it FOREVER. Breastfeeding provides nutrients for the baby and provides love and nurture from the mother as well. As long as the baby is young enough to still being breast fed, then it is not sexual. I consider breast feeding sexual when the child is old enough to say “Mommy, I want milk”. For example there was a woman on the cover of Time Magazine breast feeding her four year old son. Breast feeding is nurturing but there has to be an age limit. Breast feeding is not a sexual act but when a child is old enough to put sentences together, it definitely has passed the nurturing line.

    Comment by Pauline T — May 30, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

  66. Breastfeeding, like giving birth is a work of nature. Patriarchy already defies women, but but scrutinizing such a holy act as breastfeeding and marking it as sexualization is wrong. Breast feeding is a natural part of life, it brings the mother and child closer in a bond that is not based on sexual means. Breastfeeding also has many benefits as well. Besides increasing the bond between a mother and child, it provides the child with numerous nutrients that help in growth and development. It is stated that children who get breast fed longer, usually turn out much smarter compared to their latter half. Thus, patriarchy limits these advancements by placing the blame on the breast as a purely sexual object, nothing more nothing less.

    Comment by Deepicka Mehta — May 30, 2012 @ 9:20 pm

  67. I feel like our hyper-sexualized generation is not only ruining us now, but also our future. A mother’s duty should e to care for her child and not find any activity she does as “gross.” She needs to do anything in her power to make her child the best it could be. The more blogs I read the more I feel bad for women of our society. We are getting programmed to believe that our bodies are not good enough and that we’re look down upon for doing things that in the past, were praised. My mother takes full pride and joy when she tells people that she breastfed my siblings and I. I hope to do it one day as well. I feel that if your body lets you and it’s good for your baby, then do it. Not all women are able to have such a great opportunity, but our society is sexualizing it so much, that it’s not being looked at the same way.

    Comment by Sharona M — May 31, 2012 @ 5:49 am

  68. I honestly believe that this article is ridiculous. Breast are used for multiple occasions. I don’t understand the controversy of why it’s so disgusted to have a woman with large breast on the cover of a magazine. If a woman is breast feeding her child, then that’s what she’s doing. She’s not showing off her chest by wearing a nice dress. She’s simply giving a statement that this magazine is about breast-feeding. I feel that this is something that most people need to work on. Also breast improves a girl’s appearance, although too big may play the opposite effect. A girl needs breast to show off her feminine side or else she would look no different than a guy (aside from the long hair). If people stopped making a big deal about these small issues and focused on more important one, our world would be a much more advanced place.

    Comment by Alexander K (Wom.10 Scholars) — September 8, 2012 @ 1:14 pm

  69. I agree. Almost any everyday activity can be turned into something sexual. It is just the way an individual might choose to look at it. I do not see what is so “gross” about a mother breastfeeding her child. It is a natural bond between mother and child. Once again, I see this as another way women are put down in society. And it is disappointing to see these women get put down by other women. I took a child development class last year and was taught the importance of breast feeding in a child’s growth. For breast feeding to be seen as a sexual act is absolutely ridiculous.

    Comment by Nadia A — October 17, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

  70. I do not see anything sexual about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is an important aspect to the development of children and creates a nurturing bond between the mother and her baby. However, society has now put breastfeeding into a sexual context and I personally, find it disgusting. I also find it disgusting that some women “often choose not to nurse their babies because they don’t want to ‘ruin’ their breasts.” This means that women are so obsessed with their appearance and the way they portray themselves to others that they would rather risk their child’s correct development than risk “ruining their breasts.” What has this world come to? It’s actually ridiculous.

    Comment by Natasha N — October 22, 2012 @ 6:22 pm

  71. Everywhere we turn our heads we see women and their breasts. There is no way to hid the fact that women’s breast are everywhere. It is part of their genetic make-up. Some women do not flaunt it, but others do. It does not make sense that a picture of breast or a mother breast feeding on the cover of a magazine is offensive and sexual, but a woman with huge boobs on the cover of magazines is not offensive and sexual. A woman breast feeding her child is a natural image; it is not “disgusting”. Women who breast feed are not showing their breast off in a sexual way. They are simply just feeing their child. How is a Playboy magazine okay, but a parenting magazine with a mom breast feeding not? Our society is so twisted. Breast our just a way to show a woman’s feminine side. People need to be more concerned about how the media portrays a woman, than having their 13 year-old seeing a mother breast feeding.

    Comment by Dorsa D — October 23, 2012 @ 10:20 am

  72. Half-naked women are sadly but truly seen everywhere in today’s society: on billboards, in magazines, in commercials, etc. They are exposing and sexualizing their bodies, and really of no good reason. So, If you do not mind seeing these ads all the time, I do not understand what the big deal is of a women who is breastfeeding. She is not sexualizing her body or downgrading herself in anyway; rather, she is feeding her baby. I do not think that the mother who does not want her 13-year-old son to see a magazine cover with a breastfeeding woman understands that her son sees much worse when he merely walks down the street or turns on the television.

    Comment by JasminB — October 25, 2012 @ 10:35 am

  73. I really can not believe how ludicrous the idea that breast feeding is sexual. Breast milk is vital for a young child in order to get all the nutrition they need. Breastfeeding also bonds the child with his/her mother. How can a women breast feeding on a cover of a magazine be offensive, when the whole world has access to pornography. We are constantly bombarded with sexual ads exploiting women’s bodies in every corner that we look, even if we don’t want to acknowledge it. It is also so shocking to me that mothers who have children themselves, took offense to this photo by calling it “gross”. This shows how deeply rooted patriarchy values are embedded in not only men, but women as well. Women breast feeding their children should be looked at as something beautiful. I find it way more offensive when I see half naked celebrities on magazines biting their lips and trying to be seductive. It is amazing to see the way people act when something is controversial, but doesn’t support patriarchy.

    Comment by Jasmine B (Women Studies 10 scholars t,th) — October 26, 2012 @ 11:32 am

  74. I’m extremely shocked to be finding out for the first time that many women see breast feeding as a sexual act. I believe that breast feeding comes with the process of having a baby and nursing a child, which should be accepted by every women. It is the most natural and common way of nurturing your own child, as opposed to using formula in order to feed a baby. Although I do not find breast feeding to be a portray of sexuality, I believe that women should not disregard it in order to benefit themselves. If breast feeding may or may not “ruin” a women’s body type, I believe that it should not be a matter argued over. It is simply a natural act and is what comes with the territory when making the decision of having a baby and starting to nurse a baby. When I have a baby of my own in the future, I would definitely use breast feeding as a main source of feeding my baby, which I believe is the most natural and most healthy, not portraying any manner of sexuality.

    Comment by SheerlyA — October 29, 2012 @ 1:12 pm

  75. This article is completely correct in it’s critique of how the full function of breasts and what they represent in our society are two conflicting things. Yes, breasts serve sexual functions, but they are primarily for the feeding of infants. Breast feeding is important for many reasons: it creates an intimate relationship between the mother and the child, it gives the baby all the essential nutrients and immunities that can only be properly distributed in such a way, and the act itself has be proven to instill confidence in the child. A babe that doesn’t actively breastfeed from the beginning misses out on many important things that contribute to it’s growth and development, and to have society at large actively shame such an act is a disincentive to the growth and stability of that very society.

    Comment by PanteaP — October 29, 2012 @ 10:33 pm

  76. It is egregious that women especially mothers would get mad that there is a magazine cover with a women breastfeeding her child.breastfeeding is the most helpful way of providing nutrients for a newly born baby and obviously all women should know that.Many women even breastfeed their baby in public so seeing a public magazine showing breastfeeding shouldn’t be an issue.I completely disagree that it’s sexual and the reason mothers may not want their children or them to see breastfeeding on a cover of a magazine is because they think it is nudity since the moms are showing most of their boobs just like many magazines that have girls half naked /nude.These other two completely different scenarios because magazines that have covers of breastfeeding promote a mother with her responsibilities.Other magazine covers with Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag promote sex appeal.

    Comment by Saman M — October 31, 2012 @ 11:52 am

  77. *Comment not suitable for those who have a weak stomach*
    This comment might bother some of you but that is by no means my intention. We all know the true and non sexual purposes of breasts. However, society has sexualized the woman body to such extents that the purpose of a woman’s body has changed. One of the ‘most important’ purposes now is to fulfill sexual needs. What follows might sound disturbing but it is accurate and growing in popularity. The porn industry has introduced all types of categories. From BDSM to MILFS and now even breastfeeding or lactating! Women now will expel breast milk from their bodies to fulfill the sexual thrill men, who lurk the internet for porn, desire. A once nurturing act is now done for sick entertainment and perverse pleasure. They’ve changed the reasons for why we have certain bodily functions and what’s worse is they’ve made it gross, dirty and an inconvenience to use our breasts for the reason we were provided with them in the first place!

    Comment by RosaE — October 31, 2012 @ 3:04 pm

  78. This article’s most relevant point, in my view, is the observation that in our culture womens breasts are sexualized. Although we see plenty of bare and nearly-bare breasts across the media spectrum, it is clear that the underlying represenation is one of latent sexuality. Our culture’s desire to see these representations overcomes our other norms of propriety and decency. On the other hand, the context of breastfeeding is undeniably unsexual,and there is no sexual payoff to justify this breach of percived propriety. As a result, the public “morality” is outraged. As the article indicates, what the public should be more outraged about is the value system that commoditizes women and has no room for any depth of thought or refinment of feeling.

    Comment by MansourR — November 2, 2012 @ 11:37 am

  79. I once walked in on my sister breastfeeding my niece. One breast was being used by her daughter and the other was hooked up to a machine that would save her milk into a bottle. It was by far the least sexual and arousing thing I have ever encountered. I even considered whether or not had her child been a boy, if it would make the act sexual… but it really didn’t make a difference. All I saw was a mother feeding her child. This was the same feeling I had when I first saw the magazine cover of the profiled nursing breast; it is simply just a mother feeding her child with the natural milk her body produces. There is no need to sexualize the simplistic nature of a woman nursing her child. Like the author states, there are more pornographic and sexually stimulating images on the cover of magazines that have nothing to do with breastfeeding. These covers featuring scantily clad-bikini wearing models and celebrities very clearly display breasts in a sexual way to better sell the magazine. Breasts have been objectified within our patriarchal society to be simply sexually pleasing object, to bring pleasure to men and men only. It’s ironic, however, that men are nursed by their mother’s breasts, but when looking at women, see breasts as a sexually fulfilling fantasy.

    Surprisingly, the outcry from the magazine cover featuring a breastfeeding mother came mostly from mothers themselves. This fact alone is astonishing. The mothers who have nursed their own children, or who had been nursed by their own mothers, have themselves internalized the sexualization of their breasts. The internalization is so great that a photo of a child being nursed is seen as disgusting because their breasts are objects of sexual pleasure and not feeding. It is sad to see that mothers and women in general have internalized and accepted that their bodies do not belong to themselves… but instead to the patriarchy of society.

    Comment by NeginS — November 4, 2012 @ 12:56 pm

  80. I don’t understand why people think breast feeding is so gross. It is a natural process that mostly everyone has experienced at some point in their life. Breastfeeding isn’t sexual it is a mother caring for her baby and feeding the child in order to nourish it. I have seen pictures far worse of women’s breast but people don’t make a big deal out of those when those are the truly sexual images of breasts. I find it sad how an own mother is grossed out to breastfeed. I would personally like to see a mother breastfeeding a baby rather than the baby being and looking unhealthy. The baby needs to eat so people need to understand that when it is time for a baby to eat they need to let them eat. I for one would not like to be looked at bad if I was breast feeding a baby especially since you are doing it for the baby’s health. I can only imagine how horrible people would feel when asked to leave a place just because they are breastfeeding. It’s also sad that some mothers that are capable of breastfeeding refuse to feed the infant because it will make their breasts ugly. The purpose of having breasts is to feed your baby, so I feel like mothers that are capable of breast feeding but don’t are just being selfish by withholding important nutrients that come from breast milk.

    Comment by WendyA — November 14, 2012 @ 11:27 pm

  81. I think the fact that this topic made a whole article on it is just ridiculous. The only reason why this is a topic at hand and seems realistic to us today is because WE make it that way. We have made women an object in today’s society. We have made it so women with big breasts are and big booties are somehow “sexier” or “more attractive” than other women, which is so stupid because we are all put on Earth in our own, special way. Giving birth and raising a child is something that a woman is meant to experience and the feeding of the breast milk is such a beautiful sight with such a significant bond that mistaking it for something sexual is just so disgusting and disturbing to hear.

    Comment by Tiffany S. — November 17, 2012 @ 11:01 am

  82. Its so sad that this natural and sacred way of feeding your child is getting so much backlash. I very much agree that a picture of a baby nursing off a mother and over sexualized Kardashian in nothing but a bikini are very different. How can people see a natural way of life as more sexual than an almost nude woman. Our culture has made images of woman in bikinis or almost nothing acceptable and normative, and have made breast feeding sexual when it should be celebrated because it gives life to babies and nourishes them. Breast feeding is also a chance to connect with your baby and the fact that people aren’t doing it so their boobs stay up is disgusting behavior and we have to start to open our eyes to what patriarchy/media are doing to our mothering skills. Child development > “perky” breasts

    Comment by Lucy M — November 18, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

  83. I have only recent learned that breastfeeding in public was a “no-no”. My father is from Europe and and my mother from Asia, and I don’t think it ever crossed their minds that there is anything wrong with breast feeding. In fact, my mother was a,ways very proud that she breast fed me until I was three. She often attributed my good teeth and health to being breast fed for so long. I understand that men see breast as sexy, but it doesn’t make sense that breasts are only good for aesthetics.

    Comment by OliviaW — November 21, 2012 @ 2:08 pm

  84. If I become a mother in the future, I would like to know that I will not be discriminated based on whether I want to breastfeed or formula-feed. I feel that it is ultimately the mother’s decision whether she does want to prioritize on maintaining the sexual aspects of her breasts or wants to suckle her child. Mothers who give their children formula should not be judged by breast-feeding mothers either. The health benefits of breast feeding your infant has been scientifically supported. Just as how it is accepted that your breasts won’t be the same after having a small mouth nursing on it. The values of our time, influenced by patriarchal ideologies, are for the women’s bodies to be sexual objects. Women also reflect this in how they dress, to appeal to popular ideas of beauty. This objectification of the female body is not innocent and poses serious risks to females, as reflected in the high rate of violence against women. This domination stems from the idea that men are superior so they can neglect a woman any way they wish. They control the women’s body. If they do not want to see a sexual breast being used for a non-sexual purpose, then they will subject mothers to negative sanctions such as those in the post. And how even women have adopted this aversion to breast feeding shows how powerful patriarchal values are and how deep they run in our society.

    Comment by Sharon K. — November 25, 2012 @ 3:51 pm

  85. It’s ridiculous that the media has sexualized woman’s breasts so much to a point wear breastfeeding, a part of human nature, is put into question. A mothers breast milk, along with a baby feeling the closeness of a mothers body and beating heart, is important for the development of a child. But instead of worrying about the health of a child we’re worrying about how insecure we’ll be once our child deforms our nipples from sucking on them? It’s clear which one is more important, but our society puts so much emphasis on appearance, gives women such high expectations for our appearance, gives us such convoluted ways of basic thinking, that our morals have been compromised. Another example, we believe appearance and big boobs are so important we would rather stick silicone water jugs into us that we’ll deteriorate and harm us later, than have small breasts. The ultimate message we receive is: your beauty if far more important than your health. DUH!

    Personally, seeing a woman’s breast on a BabyTalk magazine breastfeeding a child wouldn’t make me squeamish or say “ew”. It may not be necessary, and there are other ways of depicting breastfeeding than an up close and personal shot of a breast, which of course is a perfectly flawless and perky breast, giving us the false idea that our breasts can look so perfect after a pregnancy/ breastfeeding, but that’s a whole other story. Regardless, it’s natural! She’s breastfeeding! So what. Let your son see the cover, and if he questions it or makes a sexual remark, then correct his thinking and explain to him that’s it’s natural!

    It’s like being grossed out by poop. Or your menstruation cycle. What’s there to be grossed out about?! It’s natural. Your poop is chewed up crap you ate a couple days ago. Your period happens to ALL women every month, until you hit menopause. BIG WOOP. Get over it.

    Comment by Jasmine F — November 25, 2012 @ 7:37 pm

  86. I always knew that men find breast-feeding as something that’s sexual but women do as well? I’m shocked to have learned that there are women out there that see breast-feeding as a sexual act. Breast-feeding is the process of having a baby and nursing him/her, which should be accepted by EVERYONE. It is simply a natural act and it comes with the responsibility of every woman when making the decision of having a baby. Yes, breasts serve sexual functions, but they are primarily for the feeding of infants. I see women who breastfeed their babies in public! Therefore seeing a public magazine showing a mother breastfeeding her child shouldn’t be an issue. The reason behind mothers not wanting to expose their children to see such magazines is because of the full on breast being shown on them. 1 reason women have breasts is to feed their babies, so those mothers that don’t do it due to these reasons are ignorant because they are withholding important nutrients that come from breast milk.

    Comment by Edwin S. — November 25, 2012 @ 10:21 pm

  87. I cant believe there is a debate about breast feeding. Granted, I am really don’t know much about breastfeeding, I am male. However, I see nothing wrong with a mother feeding her own child. I believe at the end of the day, the mother should decide what she prefers to feed her child; either with her breast or formula feed. I believe there is nothing wrong with a mother choosing to feed her child with formula. Now and days some research has shown that most mothers milk is sometimes worse then bottle formula. The reason for this is because of all the chemicals on today foods. I believe no one has the right to tell a mother what she should do with her own child. Maybe a solutions for seeing breast in public is to create a area where mothers could appropriately be allowed to feed their child. Feeding a child, I believe, does not resemble any type of sexual encounter. Mother is just simply feeding their child.

    Comment by Jorge M (Scholars) — November 26, 2012 @ 1:19 pm

  88. This ad is all thanks to the negative messages the media gives to our society. It is just so upsetting to me to see that something so natural has become so disapproving. I do find it awkward when I see people breastfeeding in public, but if everyone who decided to breastfeed would do it in a discrete way then we wouldn’t have a problem. But it should just be a courtesy to people in public not that it is a sexual act. We have to remember that the media can make anything that is not sexual, sexual. If it’s a chocolate bar, and you’re watching a commercial on a chocolate bar, they will make it sexual by the way that the person is eating it. People also have to remember that breastfeeding is natural and I’m sure their mom’s have done it, and if their mom’s didn’t do it to them, they definitely know someone who has been breastfed.

    Comment by Yael K — November 27, 2012 @ 4:20 pm

  89. I feel breast feeding is not sexual at all because it has been around for decades. Breast feeding is a way of nurturing their child. It creates a strong connection with the mother and the child. It’s just the way other people look at it that makes it look sexual. It is a mother’s duty to raise her child and breast feed him/her. During the process, breast feeding is mandatory and grows a bond and connection with the mother and child.

    Comment by Oliver Mills — November 28, 2012 @ 11:41 am

  90. I believe that breastfeeding is what women were intended to do. (absolutely respecting and having consideration for women who are not able to). This gift is to be treated as such, it’s sad that some women are repulsed by this. How can anyone deny what nature designed. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that breastfeeding has been “sexualized” to such a degree where women who are currently breast feeding are turned off and appalled by images/ideas of other women doing the same. If the concern is distortion to your body, then how does that person feel about nine months of pregnancy? Personally an image or seeing a baby breastfed brings more positive association than a magazine cover flaunting photoshoped and enhanced “perfect” bathing suit bodies. Goes to show, who is still in ownership of a female body!

    Comment by MilaB — December 2, 2012 @ 2:48 am

  91. The media has corrupted the image of breast-feeding to baby’s due to its sexual images displayed all over. In the television and through magazines images of Ideal women’s bodies have been displayed with protruding breast, which what many people focus on. Then when we see an image of a mother breast-feeding her newborn it is now sexually connotated, which I find unreasonable. Breast feeding is a normal thing for a mother, which shows care and nurture for the new born and I believe that long before the media became as close to having a great influence as now, breast feeding was not misinterpreted as sexualized. This has to d with socialization, the process of learning the expectation of our culture in a specific time and place and due to this we place negative sanctions against those images.

    Comment by JoseB — December 2, 2012 @ 11:10 am

  92. It is sad to see that the media and society in general has sexualized breastfeeding when in reality it is something natural. Breastfeeding is something a mother naturally does and now because of the media, it is seen as sexual and provocative. What is also very shocking is that magazines in general feature models that are close to being nude but when a mother is feeding her newborn, there is out lash and an uproar is created. I dont believe there should be an issue with a mother breastfeeding but rather the many images that are in advertisements that feature models who often show more breast than the mother breastfeeding.

    Comment by Angella F — December 2, 2012 @ 11:01 pm

  93. The way I see it, Julie Bowen shouldn’t have tweeted that picture out, its a pretty personal thing. But on the other hand, its such a common thing to do. Breastfeeding is necessary for a child to receive certain proteins it needs to grow which naturally come from the mothers breast milk. I don’t think just because it is something that needs to be done it should be done in public, but also it should cause so much drama. The Babytalk magazine should not have been such a big deal. That magazine is a specific magazine for new or second or third time mothers. The reason that magazine is read is for the women who need tips or help on things like breastfeeding. That magazine isn’t meant for your 14 year old son anyway. I get why some mothers were upset but making a big deal out of it just makes it worse. You don’t want you son to see it? Turn the magazine face down and let that be the end of it. Why is it okay for Kim Kardashian or Heidi Montag to be on the cover of magazine after magazine with a stringy bikini on but a half of a side boob with a baby attached is wrong? Again, its okay for PETA, and Dancing With The Stars women to be wearing almost nothing but its wrong for Angelina Jolie to be showing almost no boob!! I honestly think people enjoy to cause such drama. If they have kids, they know what its like to breastfeed, and like I said earlier, if you don’t want you 14 year old son to see it turn it the other way.

    Comment by Samina A — December 3, 2012 @ 11:32 am

  94. I think it is horrible that breast feeding is now seen as something sexual. Breast feeding is something that a mother does to feed their baby. It is a natural act. It should not be seen as sexual. I agree that there are many models that are practically naked, showing most of their breasts, but no one says anything about them. Now, all of a sudden, breastfeeding is seen sexual, but not these models? It does not make sense to me.

    Comment by Tiffany N. — December 3, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

  95. i am very disappointed at the reviews of the first 2 adds. These people are clearly ignorant and don’t appreciate life and what it means to be a mother. People are worried about there 13 year old seeing a baby being breastfed? how about that same mother teaches her son about what it is. and explains that its apart of life and isn’t meant for sexual pleasure. THese people are angry about this add, yet lets there child watch all types of tv where they actually show women barely clothed. This definitely saddens me. We need to be more educated and less close minded.

    Comment by CourtyanaF — December 3, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

  96. I find ads that are plastered on billboards and commercials that appear during the day making it easily accessible to children much more offensive than a breastfeeding woman. It is horrendous to see people more outraged by a mother feeding a hungry baby than the themes found in the media today such as sexualizing children, dismembered women’s bodies, and violence against women. However, in today’s society I’m also not surprised considering the media can sexualize anything such as eating. Furthermore, in the patriarchal society we live in, a woman’s body is not considered her own but always men’s property instead. Therefore, men will share unnecessary opinions about breastfeeding but at the same time want us to be good mothers. Also, for the women who agree with these men, the only reason they do is because they falsely believe by sharing the same ideas as men they will be more valued.

    Comment by Andrea C — December 3, 2012 @ 1:55 pm

  97. The question is, is breastfeeding nurturing or sexual? We used to consider boobs as a female “private” part therefore making any viewing of boobs a sexual thing. And that is the reason why I believe the women reading these baby magazines and seeing breastfeeding on the front cover might begin to take it as offense claiming it looks sexual. It is not the action of breastfeeding that seems to be sexual; it is the breasts themselves that make it sexual. Breastfeeding isn’t bad it just shouldn’t be shown to the world. Yes, breasts aren’t just for sexual activities, but it’s the object of the woman’s body that sexualizes her, therefore being known as a sexual body part. I once heard the analogy that if women should be able to bring their breasts out in public because they aren’t used only for sexual activities, should men be able to walk around with their penis hanging around just because they’re also used to urinate? NO. Therefore, I don’t agree with having women freely breastfeeding their children out in public. Yet, I still do agree that there are far worse issues regarding the explicit viewing of breasts in public than those on the front of cover of a baby magazine in which women are nursing.

    Comment by Shaina M — December 3, 2012 @ 4:26 pm

  98. How is it that a mother breastfeeding in public can be seen as sexual?!? Does that mean that child birth is sexual as well because it involves the woman’s vagina? Naturally there are going to be many different opinions on this whether a mother should breastfeed in public but how it is that the media is able to depict all these images of models half naked but no one thinks twice about it. I want to see someone tell a mother while she is breastfeeding that she is being sexual, that person wouldn’t live to see the day. I see this as a natural part of nature/life and to the people who find it sexual to me they are perverts. They should learn to respect woman/mothers and think about their own before they come up with these ridiculous accusations.

    Comment by NedaM — December 3, 2012 @ 8:20 pm

  99. I believe this is very disappointing that this is even questioned. Breast feeding is a way of a mother nurturing they children. And for them to be attacked for doing that is crazy. Breast feeding is not a sexual pleasure at all, its a mother taking care of her child. The people who are saying that is sexual clearly needs to take a women’s studies class ASAP !

    Comment by Oliver M — December 3, 2012 @ 9:52 pm

  100. Seeing a woman breast feed her baby can be viewed in a couple of ways. One person could see it was adorable, another could completely ignore her, and another could get turned on by viewing the act of breastfeeding sexually. I believe it all depends on the person and that person’s way of thinking. I would assume that most women are perfectly comfortable with being in the same room or area as a breast feeding woman, but surprisingly the comments written about the baby sucking the woman’s boob opposes my opinion. It shouldn’t be illegal for a woman to breast feed her child if her child is hungry, but maybe in the corner of the room or somewhere where no one could see because everyone is different and thinks differently when put in certain situations.

    Comment by BrittanyP — December 3, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

  101. I can’t believe that they are saying that breast feeding is a sexual act. Breastfeeding is the way a mother nurtures her infant. Its the way the baby gets his/her MILK. Society puts breastfeeding seen as something sexual because the mothers breast is exposed. Choosing not to breastfeed to preserve their breasts and have a perfect body is just crazy to me because breastfeeding is so natural. All these playboy bunnies and magazines can expose their breasts but not a mother trying to feed their infant?

    Comment by Kevin Y — December 3, 2012 @ 10:22 pm

  102. I have never thought of breastfeeding as a sexual act, and it is disgusting to think that not only does much of society see it as that, but mothers as well! Breastfeeding is something natural and healthy for both the mother and the baby. It is scary that patriarchy is taking over innocent societal activities such as this. It isn’t sexual, it is a beautiful thing. It is providing nutrients to a new born. Your friend that says she doesn’t want a mouth “sucking on her nipples” is a very disturbing comment. IT IS A BABY! This isn’t a man we are talking about. Time for everyone to reevaluate their perverted minds.

    Comment by SydneyO — December 3, 2012 @ 10:28 pm

  103. I don’t see what’s wrong with breast feeding? Isn’t it natural? And why is that a mother who reads a magazine about parenting, is outraged and disgusted by a picture of breasts? Doesn’t she have breasts, and doesn’t she use them to fed her babies? I honestly don’t understand peoples thought and how it works sometimes. One mother wrote in saying that she didn’t want her 13-year-old seeing a picture of breasts and this made me laugh so hard. With this society, your son’s probably seen a pair of breasts and more, trust me. I’m not talking about porn, but look at the media today, it covered with sexual images, whether it’s on a magazine cover or in a movie. Sad to say but even animes today have these anime girl characters with these enormous breasts. I’m all for breast feeding, I think it’s such a great thing for a mother to do for her child, because of health reasons and connection reasons. And one last topic I want to hit is why is that some women are not into breast feeding, when we were naturally made that way. That’s why we have the nipples!

    Comment by Mita S. — December 4, 2012 @ 6:25 am

  104. Breast feeding is one of the most natural things you can do. I don’t understand how this could offensive at all. It’s a lot more natural than a women with fake boobs in a bikini standing on a remote beach posing for a sports magazine. People just don’t have any sense of reality. People should be getting offended by the nearly naked fake woman that is being displayed like a slut on the cover of major magazines not the natural, healthy feeding of a new born baby.

    Comment by ZaneM — December 4, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

  105. I don’t see breastfeeding as something that could be sexual because breastfeeding to me is just feeding babies. I personally think that breastfeeding should be considered normative. In fact, I think that the people who were disgusted and grossed out by the picture of a woman breastfeeding her twins, instead be grossed out by the picture of women who are practically nude not the other way around. They should shred the pictures of nude women than of a woman breastfeeding. Breasts are basically sacks of fat and meant to product milk to feed babies. The breasts’ function is to produce milk to give babies the nutrients they need not to be shown off sexually.

    Comment by Gisela D — December 4, 2012 @ 10:45 pm

  106. Breastfeeding is a nurturing, that is a part of the mother’s job to feed their kids. God made women’s to take care of their kids and by breastfeeding that is the best way to do so. I seen a women breastfeed her kid on the bus and that was normal because my mother did the same to me when I was a kid. The best way to nurture your kids is that way. Many mothers don’t breastfeed because they feel like they are ashamed to do so. This article puts down mothers that breastfeeds than being proud of them.

    Comment by InokeT — December 5, 2012 @ 12:04 pm

  107. Breasts were made for feeding babies. Just like women’s hips are wider for childbearing. But because of our patriarchal society these things have been sexualized. Women are praised when they objectify themselves and use their bodies for heterosexual male satisfaction and to attract attention. Inversely, women, who do a non-sexual thing with something patriarchal society says is sexual, are criticized. I would much rather see a mother nursing her child than all other pictures shown in the article.

    Comment by StephanieR. — December 5, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

  108. This is an outrageous point of view, how can breastfeeding be anything sexual? It’s disgusting that something so natural, so beautiful, so desperately needed to nurture a child be scorned upon. On the Baby Talk magazine cover above I am beyond myself trying to figure out why there was any animosity towards that particular cover of a mother’s breast and her infant breastfeeding, it is titled “Baby Talk!” I agree that society is constantly bombarded with images of women sexuality their breast, but there is any issue to be raised it should be this not of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has become something frowned upon and young mothers and other women who are easily persuaded by the media will not consider breastfeeding even though they are completely well, it’s just not right that the society decides to be prudish when it comes to something that nurtures a infant.

    Comment by Anhjia L — December 5, 2012 @ 3:25 pm

  109. It’s so true- we see more breasts of celebrities walking down the street than we do in this breastfeeding pictures. No one bats an eye at that. And I’ve heard many women say they won’t breastfeed because they don’t want to “ruin” their breasts. And they completely ignore the fact that breast milk is the healthiest thing for your baby. Our culture has become so backwards with what we find natural. See-through dress on the red carpet? Sexy. Breastfeeding? Sexually explicit.

    Comment by Taylor W — December 5, 2012 @ 5:19 pm

  110. Breastfeeding is just a natural thing, but men see it as a sexual act. Every mother needs to do it because it’s not only good for the child but also a great way for bonding. This is another way of putting women down and making them not to like their body. Its so sad that women are gross when they breastfeed but they’re sexy and gorgeous in a bikini! What kind of a world do we live in?!!!

    Comment by Nazli C — December 5, 2012 @ 9:18 pm

  111. I do not think that breastfeeding is necessarily a sexual thing but I do think that the media does make it seem that way. I believe that the main reason why girls find breastfeeding to be so gross is because they feel weird and self conscious about their bodies when they do so. I read how it is surprising how many women find breastfeeding to be so disgusting but men don’t. Well, I am pretty sure some men would also feel weird if their babies were sucking on their nipples in order to be fed.

    Comment by Shahriar M. — December 5, 2012 @ 11:08 pm

  112. I feel that women many times can be the biggest critics of themselves and each other. They are so thrown under the bus sometimes they just continue the cycle. Breastfeeding is natural, and i feel anyone who has had children should feel the same. Why would you be worried about your teen seeing a baby being nursed like he wasn’t there not to long ago. I don’t feel like the magazine was in the wrong or being sexual cause mostly you see the baby and it wasn’t just a boob with the nipple showing. People can be very judgemental and over protective about many things that is just natural life.

    Comment by Kasaun Alexander — December 5, 2012 @ 11:51 pm

  113. Breast-feeding your own kids should not be an issue that everyone needs to comment on. It really isn’t an activity that should really have too much room for debate. Unfortunately, it is up for debate now. Are breasts sexual? Yes. But breast feeding isn’t or shouldn’t be sexual at all. Is packing your son a lunch box for his field trip sexual? Is dressing up your daughter before she goes to the banquet sexual? Most in their right minds will say no. Breast-feeding is part of parenting just like packing your son lunch and dressing your daughter in pretty clothes. It’s just sad how society has become to accept not parenting as acceptable. Not breast-feeding your kid when you’re able to is as irresponsible as sending your son without lunch to his field trip and dressing your daughter in dirty clothes for her banquet.

    Comment by Jun L. — January 23, 2013 @ 8:38 pm

  114. Personally, I believe that the act of breastfeeding is solely correlated with feeding babies, having no sexual connection at all. There should be no reason for any controversy regarding Julie Bowen’s photo of her children being fed. I do not understand why women would be disgusted at the cover of Babytalk magazine while breastfeeding is a part of their daily routine. If anything, these women should feel a sense of connection with the magazine rather than “grossed out”. It is extremely immature of a woman to find breastfeeding “disgusting”. Breastfeeding is a natural way in which mothers feed their children, and definitely not meant to “turn on” guys in any way. The American culture has become so picky and critical over everything they see instead of focusing on real problems in the world. Furthermore, I do not believe that a woman breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine or in public is disgusting in any way. These women are not trying to be sexual; they just want to feed their babies!

    Comment by Shannon He — January 31, 2013 @ 12:16 pm

  115. I believe that there is truly nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding her child because this is a necessity for the child’s survival. The images of the woman breastfeeding her twins received many negative comments but i don’t see how this image is wrong. I believe that this image is something natural and is something that should be accepted. I don’t believe that it is proper for people to criticize the women who are breastfeeding their children, while there are so many sexualized images of women in the media. The media has cultivated the images of breasts and has basically normalized it, so i don’t understand why there is an uproar regarding images of women breastfeeding. The real problem we have is the objectification of women as a sexual object to men due to our patriarchal society. This has led to something even more dangerous which is that women don’t want to breastfeed because they are afraid that it will destroy their “image”. So i ultimately believe that it is natural and should be accepted that women could breastfeed their own children without any negative reactions.

    Comment by Michael Z — February 1, 2013 @ 12:30 pm

  116. There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding a baby. Can’t a mother feed her child anymore? Breast milk is the most important source of nutrition a newborn needs, so why deprive them from it? People shouldn’t be criticizing women who breast feed their babies. Isn’t that the reason why women have breasts? Women have breasts to be able to feed their babies, not to satisfy men’s pleasures and fetishes. I don’t understand why people are so scandalized about this, yet they accept other forms of breast representation. In today’s society, breasts are seen everywhere. They can be seen in ads, TV, movies, and even in kid’s shows, but they don’t make a big deal out of it. People are right to be outraged to see so many breasts everywhere, but they are releasing their outrage at the wrong thing. They shouldn’t be outraged to see a mother feeding her child; they should be outraged to see breasts in the shows their children are watching and everywhere else they turn to.

    Comment by Judith S — February 3, 2013 @ 10:01 pm

  117. I definitely agree that the backlash that these magazines are getting for “sexualizing the breast” is only excuses. Angelina Jolie is just simply smiling into the camera while feeding her child. I don’t find anything necessarily around by that. However, I don’t think there should be a criticism if some women choose to breast feed or not. Just how feminist is all about a woman’s right to choose or control her own body, this should be no different. I do agree that some women are not breast feeding for the wrong reasons, but some people feel less sexy after having children and loose who they were because they are so busy with their kids. So if they want to try to keep their bums tight so when they look in mirror they feel like a sexy and beautiful woman, so be it.

    Comment by Sam B. — February 3, 2013 @ 11:48 pm

  118. As I had been viewing all these pictures, I did not know that such sexual pictures of breasts had existed in newspapers and photographs. I find it horrific how the media depicts breastfeeding as a sexual manner. Breasts are a natural part of the female body as well as the reproductive system. If women want to continue showing off their breasts, let them do so, I have no issue with that whatsoever. However, when women are making breastfeeding a baby, and turning it into a sexual picture in the media, I find that very revolting.

    Comment by Yasmin F — February 5, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

  119. This concept of people saying that breastfeeding is disgusting…like c’mon breastfeeding is something natural which is vital to an infant so it will be able to grow and develop. What that picture of the twins drinking breast milk is doing is that they are putting a sexual connotation on the woman’s boobs. What doesn’t make sense to me is when its ok for celebrities and other females in media to flaunt their breasts in bikini’s that are barley covering the breast to begin with, but when it comes down to a mother and her child, the breast is all of a sudden vulgar. Perhaps nobody complains when they see celebrities augmented breasts because these figures are portrayed as ‘perfect’. On the other hand, people have nothing to enjoy about the woman giving breast milk to her child, and therefore will bash on the picture.

    Comment by Jonathan M — February 5, 2013 @ 6:44 pm

  120. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding and I feel its stupid how magazines try to turn the beauty of breastfeeding into a sexual thing. I’m not outraged by these pictures, its only a baby feeding, its nothing sexual or inappropriate.

    Comment by Ashley H. — February 7, 2013 @ 1:26 am

  121. Breastfeeding is completely natural and not sexual whatsoever. Calling breastfeeding sexual is like calling child birth sexual, as the child comes out of their mom’s vagina. However, it is not sexual, it is by all means, natural. Breastfeeding provides many essential nutrients for children and is necessary that they are breastfed to be in optimal health. Children need to be breastfed and will be as long as humans are around. It is in fact, one of the most natural substances in existence. The milk a child drinks from breastfeeding is the most nutritious and healthy milk they will ever drink. It is necessary and absolutely natural to breastfeed. It is not sexual at all.

    Comment by Daniel Y — February 7, 2013 @ 2:25 am

  122. I don’t understand the logic behind all of the controversy regarding the Babytalk magazine. Breastfeeding is human nature and nothing to be ashamed of. Generally, the baby turns out healthier when he/she is breastfed. Breast milk has more nutrients than powdered milk does. I believe that women should feel a sense of connection with the magazine rather than feeling grosses out. That being said, it makes some women look very immature and child like. Breast feeding is basically a necessity for a child to be healthy if the mother does not want to give the baby powdered milk. Breastfeeding is not meant to turn the boys on. In my eyes, I believe the American culture is becoming very judgemental and rude to mothers that breastfeed. I believe a mother breastfeeding on a magazine is not inappropriate or disgusting. If people are finding a mother breastfeeding on a magazine disgusting, then don’t buy it. Breastfeeding is a considered a blessing, ladies should be thankful that they are able to produce breast milk.

    Comment by Jnaziri — February 20, 2013 @ 2:37 pm

  123. Reading this article, i kind of agree and disagree with some of the points presented. Breastfeeding is a natural part of life just like sex and using the restroom. My sister just gave birth 4 months ago and so as she took some classes of parenting/nursing she would hand over some information to me as well and she would say breastfeeding is healthier for the baby than regular powdered milk. However, when it comes to the media and presenting it to attract males like in the magazines, i believe that is wrong. For G-ds sake its a boob you are giving to your child, not a boob to use for sexual context. Everything has its time and place. And when a woman is giving her milk to her baby she should not be pounded with criticism as to why she is doing it.

    Comment by Jonathan Y — February 25, 2013 @ 12:09 am

  124. This article is true. In my opinion women shouldn’t criticize breast-feeding women. Giving life to a person is a beautiful, respectful thing, and others should not write and send letters saying how gross that is. I do not see anyone writing mean letters to magazines that feature famous actresses in bikinis. I also agree that our bodies belong to us, not anyone else.

    Comment by Maria A. — March 31, 2013 @ 11:02 pm

  125. I do not think that breastfeeding should be seen as something sexual. A mother feeding her baby in a natural way should not be sexual. Of course I do understand that breasts are a sexual object, but really their main purpose for humans is to breast feed. It is unfortunate but true that some women choose not to breastfeed their children because they do not want their breast to get saggy or change. Some women, like Sarah Jessica Parker, choose not to even get pregnant because they do not want their body to be altered. I understand that some people can not breastfeed, so they must give formula. I also understand that some woman are not able to have children, so she must hire a carrier. I do not agree with the idea that simply because of the looks that women want to maintain they should not have children/breastfeed their babies with their own bodies. I also agree that a picture of breastfeeding is not as sexual as the pictures that we see on billboards, on television, and in magazines everyday. Breastfeeding is something natural and should not be seen in a negative light.

    Comment by Ariella M — April 11, 2013 @ 7:05 pm

  126. I completely agree! I cringe at the thought of mothers saying they don’t want to breastfeed because its gross or because it will ruin their breasts. Its ridiculous! You’re going to opt out on providing your baby with essential nutrients so you can remain looking good for society? Breastfeeding shouldn’t be seen as something sexual, it should be seen as a necessary way of survival, a natural and inherent way of maintaining healthy offspring. Sadly, not all women are able to provide their children with breast milk, but for those who can, I expect them to take care of their young ones. I agree with the idea that women’s bodies belong to them and not to the system of patriarchy. Women shouldn’t feel the need to put their bodies up for display for the pleasure of men.

    Comment by Pravesh S — April 20, 2013 @ 4:08 pm

  127. This reminds me of the time when Rep. Lisa Brown was banned from speaking after she mentioned her “vagina” in an abortion debate on the Michigan House floor. It seems as if mentioning the female anatomy in a professional, medical way is much more offensive than calling a woman hot or using boobs to sell a product. Why is it that we as a society are so offended by the female anatomy while at the same time so complacent in the objectification of women? Why is it that patriarchal men are allowed to use our bodies for their own ends while we’re called inappropriate or tasteless when we talk about our periods or breastfeeding? It’s a shameless double standard where the people who need to talk about these things (breast/ovarian cancer patients, new mothers, etc.) are embarrassed and silenced by sexist thinking.
    It makes me so angry that women’s body parts are constantly sexualized, even in something as natural and healthy as breastfeeding. This public shame around the act has resulted in many mothers resorting to powder formula to feed their babies, which is incredibly ridiculous given that breast milk is vital in the neurological development of babies. I can only hope that by the time I have children these archaic criticisms will no longer be relevant, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Comment by Chandler L. — April 22, 2013 @ 11:58 am

  128. Breastfeeding should be a choice. I believe that it is great that women are talking about breastfeeding. Of course there are many factors involved and it is a complex issue because women see how good natural breastfeeding is for their children while at the same time it may make their breasts sag and not look the same. I think that celebrities and others are just making it x-rated to get attention. I don’t see why breastfeeding is becoming so sexual these days. People need to remember the true reasons for breastfeeding, which is to nurse the child.

    Comment by Sam F — April 29, 2013 @ 3:50 pm

  129. It is so disrupting that breastfeeding, a motherly nurturing act, has become sexualized in today’s day and age. The media’s constant portrayal of sexualizing women has added a permanent perversion to everyday mundane things, even breastfeeding. A woman definitely should be able to breastfeed in public, because it is not an act meant for sexuality. It is so frustrating that we are ok with mass media coverage of half naked women, but are disturbed by a mother’s simple act of feeding her hungry child.

    Comment by RoxanaGM — May 10, 2013 @ 6:00 pm

  130. So true. We are exposed to much more nudity from just the cloths people wear when going out in town. How is one of the most scared and special acts of motherhood, breastfeeding, sexualized and looked down upon. First, look at what you are wearing, your friend, your neighbor, cousin.. think of all the breasts and cleavage you see in magazine of celebrities. Then think of a baby who needs the moms milk for survival and food. So which one is more ‘gross,’ breasts for nurture or breasts for fashion?

    Comment by Rita C — May 16, 2013 @ 12:24 pm

  131. Its an innocent newborn baby and a portion of a breast. What is so sexual about that? I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and should not be looked down upon. Society is constantly exposed to sexual images with woman’s breasts out, yet no one is creating such an uproar about that. When a picture that is meant to be nurturing comes out its too sexual but if a picture of a half anked Kim Kardashian comes out then its alright? If an individual does not like breastfeeding or the idea of it, then dont do it! Breastfeeding is completely natural and necessary for the baby’s survivial. What is wrong with that? Im pretty sure young kids dont see such pictures of a cute baby with its mother and thinks of sex. On the other hand, Heidi Montag could be in a skimpy outfit and people wouldnt say anything because its considered normal.

    Comment by Neda S — May 22, 2013 @ 11:42 am

  132. Our society’s hypersexualization is ruining us. Patriarchy causes society to sexualize the image of breasts – even when they are being used for their natural purpose: breastfeeding children. As someone above mentioned, society makes it perfectly acceptable for women to wear seductive outfits that showcase their cleavage, but somehow it becomes disgusting and contemptable when we see women breastfeeding their children. By shaming a perfectly natural activity, society condemns women. Furthermore, this hypersexualized society devalues women’s bodies – their worth is measured in terms of the sexual pleasure that it can give men. Instead, society should praise women for its ability to create and nurture life – truly a magnificent and beautiful ability.

    Comment by Presley B — May 25, 2013 @ 1:50 pm

  133. In our overly sexualized culture, every part of a woman’s body becomes sexual, no matter what the context is. This sadly includes breastfeeding. Breasts have been over sexualized, to the point that wearing a v-neck is sexual. It is quite sad that now breastfeeding is something seen as “grotesque” and “sexual” when it is one of the most innocent and nurturing acts in the world. Feeding a child with the milk of its mother is one of the basic necessities of life, and to scold it as inappropriate disgusts me. Breasts are seen everywhere in our culture. Bikinis have become so tiny that they barely cover the nipples of women, let alone the breast, as well as celebrities and everyday people purposely show off their chest. However, at the same time, it is seen as obscene for a woman to expose herself breastfeeding, which is completely illogical. Also, because breasts are so sexualized, and women have so much pressure to be sexy, I find it very sad that women refuse to breastfeed for these aesthetic purposes. Giving your child the most wholesome form of nutrition is what breasts are essentially for, and thus should be used for such. Although, yes, breasts can be sexual, but it becomes a problem when it impedes on there biological purpose, for feeding young. Public breastfeeding should be accepted and seen as beautiful, rather than inappropriate or vial.

    Comment by Kayla K — May 26, 2013 @ 8:39 pm

  134. This is disgusting to me. Where is the outcry for the 15 foot long billboards with practically nude women draped across couches? No, instead whenever we are presented with a woman’s body in it’s natural state, giving life to a child, the public freaks out. No one seems to have a problem with the objectification of woman’s bodies but, as soon as a woman’s breasts is showcased as beautiful and life giving, there is mayhem.

    Comment by Jessica P. — May 28, 2013 @ 5:04 pm

  135. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding in my opinion. I mean c’mon, it simply must be done and it is totally a nurturing act done by the mother to its child. How can that be deemed sexual? The mother is the one who brought the child onto the earth; it’s the same thing as teaching your child how to “potty train”, they both must be done. Some people might argue that it might not be appropriate to breastfeed in public and also one can just bottle-feed their child; but believe it or not, a child’s early nutrition is detrimental for their future well being. Breastfeeding had also been proved by scientist to be healthier for a child.

    Comment by Eli-Ran Y — May 28, 2013 @ 9:37 pm

  136. I think that it is absolute crazy talk to even bring up sexual and breastfeeding into the same sentence, regardless of the way it is used. A child that is newborn must be breastfed in order for it to be healthy, i think that this is a well known fact. I find it very damning to see that stupid people have brought up anything about sexuality in this. The little kid must be breastfed and that is the end of it, why bring up sex, sexual or anything along those lines? People must be starving for attention and are desperate to get their name out for no damn reason. This post made me realize how very stupid some people in America are. Breastfeeding has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality.

    Comment by Shahien Hendizadeh — May 29, 2013 @ 9:23 am

  137. I read this post to my roommates and we were all laughing aat the stupidity of the people who felt offended. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding!!! I totally agree with one of the comments posted above. There are billboards of half naked women advertising for stripclubs, and women who walk around every day showing off bits of skin in a “sexual” manner, but to see BREAST-FEEDING as sexual, in my opinion, just shows that the person who is offended by it has a underdeveloped, immature, or pretty ddisgusting mind. The worst part is that the magazine is a magazine dedicated to mothers and babies, yet people actually felt offended! As for the woman who was worried about her 13 year old son seeing it, she needs to get herself checked and TEACH HER SON that there is nothing sexual about breastfeeding, and that it is completely natural. That way, her son won’t grow up to be a little immature asshole who points and laughs at women breastfeeding because his MOTHER made it seem like a “bad” and “sexual” thing. Kids are curious and they need US to teach us the right things.

    Comment by Ambar P. — May 29, 2013 @ 6:10 pm

  138. I do not understand how people can make breastfeeding to your own baby turn into something sexual. there is absolutely nothing sexual about feeding your own child milk that your body creates. your body creates this milk for you to feed your child and it only occurs once you give birth so it surprises me how people can turn it around in that sick manner. I respect celebrities and magazines putting out pictures of this in a motherly manner rather than in a sexual manner.

    Comment by solo k — May 29, 2013 @ 7:04 pm

  139. I have come to learn that breast feeding is a natural and beautiful thing to do. As I was growing up I always thought breast feeding was “GROSS” and sexual. My reasons for thinking that way were because breast have always been used as a sex symbol in men’s magazines and mass media. When I would thing of breast sexually attracting men and then women breast feeding their children just gave me disturbing thought. Now that I’m older I think breast feeding is a natural thing to do. It’s ashamed that people still thing that a picture of a mother breastfeeding her child on the cover of a magazine is gross, sexual, and abnormal BUT seem to be okay with pictures of nude women on the cover of magazine. People need to realized that we live in a over sexualized culture and need to be more open about the beauty of a mother breast feeding her child.

    Comment by Johanna J — July 7, 2013 @ 2:48 pm

  140. I think breastfeeding is absolutely for nuturing. Although I do agree, if it are women who are famous, then it is sexual. Why? Because not only men but also women fantasize about famous people. If it were instead an ordinary woman instead of Angelina Jolie, it would have not been called sexual.

    Comment by NatalieM — July 8, 2013 @ 7:12 pm

  141. Until now, this question has never popped in my mind. Coming from a culture where breastfeeding is an act of nurture, a normative mechanism accepted by society, it is hard for me to even think of breastfeeding as a sexual act. It just sounds absurd. Luckily, I have lived in many countries that differ politically, socially, and culturally, therefore I have been able to compare and analyze the different ways people behave across the world. Having lived in a third world country, such as Cuba, I have been able to see things and experience things that differ from other countries like the USA. In Cuba, a country that lacks the influential mass media that the US has, breastfeeding is seen as the norm; a natural act between the mother and son. Quite often as a young kid, I would see women breastfeeding their kids while riding the bus. It was normal for me, and I never questioned it to be a sexual act. Even as a kid, my mom would show me pictures of her breastfeeding my sis and I, and joke around how I would always steal my sisters milk. However, because of the great influence of mass media, we have sexualized acts such as breastfeeding that have always been a natural processes. We need to change this attitude of trying to sexualize things, especially when it comes to the women’s body.

    Comment by Julian G. — July 22, 2013 @ 1:03 pm

  142. It is not shocking to read this and see that many people find it something that shouldn’t be seen out into the public. Breastfeeding is not something that should be seen as a bad image because women are the ones who create life and bring to this world something so beautiful that not many people get to experience. Breastfeeding is something that has been done for so many years and it is even seen in animals at the same time. In what way is it seen sexual is something that people just create just because they feel uncomfortable. It is natural and it is something that gives babies the need of having their mother next to them and feeding them.

    Comment by Kimberly C — July 22, 2013 @ 11:12 pm

  143. I really don’t think that putting images of women breastfeeding in or on covers of magazines is a big deal at all. Especially when there are hundreds if not thousands of pictures of other women with their breasts out in and on magazines we see everyday. If it is considered okay for there to be pictures of women with huge breasts, then no one should have any problems with pictures of a baby breastfeeding. I understand that the pictures are different because one shows a breast covered by clothing or something else and one shows a breast with a child sucking on it but I wouldn’t say that makes it sexual in any way. It’s a young child. If it was an older person breastfeeding then yes, it would be considered sexual but you shouldn’t consider a natural act being done by a little baby sexual.

    Comment by Jasmine P — July 23, 2013 @ 11:23 am

  144. I don’t think that it is anything sexual to a certain extent! I do think that it should not be advertise. It’s apart of life.Although, I do have negative things about it and that Is I don’t think it should be advised nor do I think that people should be able to do it in public. For example looking at the magazine picture you see the lady smiling it gives things a different perfection, as well as walking around in the store and a lady just pull out her breast to breast feed, by all means nothing it wrong with it but, I dont think it should be done in public that’s when it become sexual and it draws to much attention.

    Comment by Alexis C — July 23, 2013 @ 12:16 pm

  145. Something so natural has been turned into something sexual. Sure, breasts can be sexual but they are now over-sexualized. The media and other people think they own women’s bodies… that they are only there for other people’s pleasure, that they do not belong to the woman herself. It’s unbelievable! What I do with my body is my own choice, and no one should be able to say what I can or cannot do with my body. That applies to every other woman I know and do not know. Breast feeding is something natural, and it is supposed to be better for babies than formula and the other options. It is crazy that women are afraid to breast feed because breasts are so sexualized.

    Comment by Skye J. — July 24, 2013 @ 12:21 pm

  146. Being a female I see nothing wrong in breast feeding. I don’t see anything sexual from it what so ever. An innocent infant is getting its nutrients and vitamins from the mother, and its something normal that needs to be done. One thing that I would never be comfortable doing is showing your breast in public. There are many disgusting people that are going to say unwanted comments. Nothing is wrong from breast feeding but a women should be conservative of her body and not to it in public to avoid negative attention.

    Comment by JessicaH — July 24, 2013 @ 2:29 pm

  147. There is absolutely nothing “offensive” or “shocking” about a woman breastfeeding. This article proves just how prominent misogyny is in our society. What I find shocking is the fact that the people who are upset about the cover are women/mothers. The W magazine cover that displays Angelina Jolie breastfeeding got comments that the photo was “inherently sexual” and that the photo “sexualized the act of nursing”; I find this upsetting because of how often I see breasts displayed in magazines just for the hell of it. Nobody gets upset when images of breasts are on the covers of magazines displayed all around them. It’s ludicrous that people are upset when a breast is shown feeding a child, which is what its anatomical and primary purpose is. I think people forget that because of how often we see breasts sexualized. There isn’t anything sexual about a woman breastfeeding her child and no one should take offense to it, especially when there are countless photos of women and their breasts on display in magazines in a sexual way.

    Comment by CrystalY — July 24, 2013 @ 4:50 pm

  148. I found it disconcerting that women en masse were the source of such loathing to the cover of a woman’s magazine about PARENTING. Last time I checked, having the great privilege of being able to nurse your child with healthy milk was part of being a good parent, no? I have a girlfriend who had breast reduction surgery in high school due to persistent back pain and she has so much difficulty producing breast milk, she would feel such relief and blessing if she were privileged enough to be able to do so. And women denying their children breastmilk for the sake of vanity? If that isn’t the consequence of living in a patriarchal society, I don’t know what is.

    The reality of the matter is however that we do live in one and breasts have become a thing of sexual obsession. What these women cannot seem to quite grasp is that the problem is not that breasts are sexualized, it is that they are solely seen as such. Breasts are sexy, they are sexual, they should be enjoyed. But if breasts can be appreciated for their allure and bounty (or lack thereof), why then it is so unsettling that they would also be appreciated for it’s evolutionary purpose to begin with? Can our bodies not take on dual roles? Can they not be a thing of great pleasure and sensuality, but also one of great utility?

    Comment by SarahC — July 24, 2013 @ 5:19 pm

  149. Breastfeeding is completely natural in my eyes. It is the best way for little babies to get the most nutrients in their body without taking other things. Growing up in a family getting breastfed is normal. yeah it obviously shows a womens breast but how else are you supposed to breastfeed? I dont think it is sexual at all. If a women breastfeeds in public of course it can be disturbing but it being sexual is way out of line. All these models and Playboy girls can showoff their breast and everyone loves them but a women breastfeeding her child isnt? Wow people these days…

    Comment by Justin N — July 24, 2013 @ 9:37 pm

  150. Breast feeding is done by mostly every mother and its completely natural. I understand that some parents wouldn’t want their teenage kids to see a breast on a cover of a magazine, but calling it sexual is just wrong. People don’t complain when there are women out there half naked on the cover of the magazine, but once they see something that doesn’t please them they find any way to blow it out of proportion. How could a little baby be considered sexual to people?

    Comment by Matthew M — July 25, 2013 @ 12:29 am

  151. I have 11 years younger brother and I saw my mom breastfeeding him and I thought it was amazing. There is nothing to be gross about mother feeding her baby. I think this society is very wrong. On the other hand we are exposed to much more sexualized advertising and it is acceptable.

    Comment by Chul Woo Park — July 25, 2013 @ 12:34 am

  152. I personally do not think that it is “disgusting” for a mother to breastfeed her child. It is most definitely not sexual either. I think peolep just over look at things sometimes. Breastfeeding is completely natural. It is the best way for babies to get the most nutrients in their body without taking other things. I think it’s a way for the mother and baby to connect with each other as well. My mother use to talk to my brother while she was breastfeeding him. I never saw anything wrong with it

    Comment by EssenceH — July 25, 2013 @ 8:27 am

  153. I find it absurd that people find breastfeeding as sexual. I mean it’s as if you say eating is sexual. Mots babies are breastfeed and scientifically it is better for the baby than formulas till a certain age. Therefore, unless someone has a fetish for breast feeding, I do not think anyone should view something natural as sexual. As to the mother who was “concerned about her 13-year-old son seeing it” I just would like to know what she does with all of the other millions of magazines, like People, that have half naked women or fully naked women on it posing in a seductive way. Does she blindfold her child as they walk down the street and an Xposed ad is in their way? If I had not known that the name of this article was breastfeeding and I had looked at the picture I would probably had not realized that the child was sucking on a breast; and I am nineteen years old. I find it ridicules that the female body is considered public domain in this patriarchal society. Lately I have been noticing how women are shunned and feel shunned for breast feeding. Most women feel that they have to hid when breast feeding, especially in restaurants, because it could upset other customers. However, you do not see people being kicked out of restaurants for stuffing their mouths with food, even though most people find that disgusting. While I do not think the mother should simply pop open her blouse and breast feed her two year old son like in the movie, The Grown Ups, I also do not think that the mother should need to go hid in the car while breastfeeding her child.
    I also found the comment about mothers not breastfeeding because they do not want to ruin their breasts very interesting. There was an episode of Teen Mom where one of the girls was saying that she did not want to breastfeed because she didn’t want to ruin her breasts. This comment not only showed her level of selfishness but also the level of her ignorance. Her breasts will be affected by the pregnancy either way, as the doctor stated in the episode. Furthermore, she is selfish because she is denying her baby something that is not only more nutritionally valuable than formulas but also denying the baby the bonding mother and babies receive from breastfeeding.

    Comment by Ronita K — October 12, 2013 @ 3:59 pm

  154. As a woman, I cannot understand why any one would find breast feeding a disgusting or taboo thing. Breasts provide the young with the nutrition they need and it creates connections with their mothers. So why would any one female or male find it so “gross”. Most of has have been breast feed and especially for those women who are economically disenfranchised, breast feeding gets their babies tummies full and their wallets less dented. Our breasts were created to nurture life, not to show of as trophies. Just because individuals have issues with women who feed their children in “public” doesn’t mean she should leave, the person who has issues with it should. And if someone finds a baby feeding sexual or arousing, they should definitely seek some help because that is unnatural. Breast feeding is an essential part of our existence as humans and all women should be encouraged to breast feeding if they have the ability to do so.

    Comment by Natalia T — October 29, 2013 @ 6:51 pm

  155. Breastfeeding is not sexual. The only reason why people get so offended and disturbed by images of women breastfeeding is because of the way that the media presents it. Whenever any image of a women breastfeeding is revealed, people react as if its the end of world. I feel that the reason why is because they are hardly any images of babies being breastfed. However, when we see a picture of a woman in a two piece bikini no one freaks out, because we see it so constantly we have normalized it. Breastfeeding is not sexual, woman posing almost naked is sexual. Seems as though the media hasn’t figured it out.

    Comment by Leslie S. — October 30, 2013 @ 8:39 am

  156. In today’s society, men are obsessed with women’s bodies and in specific women’s boobs. Due to the patriarchy system, a woman’s body is used for a man’s pleasure. In specific, a woman’s boobs depict sexuality, which is why they picture it to sell a product since sadly, in today’s society, sex sells. However, breastfeeding your child on a cover of a magazine, is so wrong. Breastfeeding is essential to a baby since it provides the baby with the nurture he/she needs and allows the mother and they baby to bond. Breastfeeding should be done privately and does not need to be displayed on a cover. Similarly, when a woman is out in public and needs to breastfeed her baby, she covers herself with a scarf to hide her body from strangers.
    In addition, I cannot believe how uninformed people are. Breastfeeding does not ruin your breasts, but failing to breastfeed your baby can be detrimental to your baby’s overall well being. Stop being so selfish. Sadly, after birth, women try so hard in order to re-fit into the society’s standards of being the “ideal woman” in order to receive positive sanctions. They fail to realize that they have a baby, so they don’t need to be exercising in order to ensure that they fit into a size 0 since they need to take care of their baby!

    Comment by Joanna E. — November 2, 2013 @ 9:08 pm

  157. The society we live in today makes everyone believe that a woman’s body is something public for everyone to enjoy and only for this. Woman are seen as having to serve mens sexual desire at any time so when something as normal and natural as breastfeeding disturbs their sexual image of women everyone gets outraged! Sadly the patriarchal society we live in socializes men and women to believe in the idea that women should always be seen as sexy and should only represent a sexual ideal. For this reason we get woman not wanting to get pregnant or not wanting to breastfeed their own child in fear of losing this sexy figure everyone expects them to have. It’s time woman realize that they are worth more than just a figure and notice like the article states that society has a hold on their mind and they should be set free.

    Comment by Maritza R — November 18, 2013 @ 2:54 pm

  158. I believe that breastfeeding should not be sexualized. It is a part of nature and occurs with most mammals.The problem I have with this situation is the need for it to be published. Why do stars feel the need to publicize this highly personal action? I guess anything goes for a paycheck. Again, I do not feel it is overly sexual, I just feel as though it holds no place in the public spotlight. Ultimately, I believe these types of images are strictly out to cause controversy. They are meant to have blogs posted such as this in order for attention. Attention, whether positive or negative is attention and media thrives on that. Media is the primary culprit in this case. We see naked women exposed on magazines so this does not shock me. Motherhood is a highly personal realm and deserves no attention except behind the veil of society.

    Comment by Zachary L — November 22, 2013 @ 2:34 pm

  159. In my opinion breast-feeding is completely okay, it is such a beautiful, natural thing that people should not even think twice about it. It is something that people have been doing for the longest time and I feel that it is just now that people are thinking it is inappropriate and sexual. It may be inappropriate and sexual when it is on the cover of magazines where everyone can see it or it is being done out in public, but when you are in your own home there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact it is the best thing for your child, no artificial flavoring, nothing that can harm your child. Hearing that some people do not want to breast feed because they do not want to “ruin” their breast is crazy, its for your own child, I don’t think it should matter when it is your child. You’re suppose to be their mother and give them the best of everything, and I believe breast feeding is giving your child the best when they are newly born.

    Comment by Nicole R. — November 29, 2013 @ 1:38 pm

  160. I come from a background that breastfeeding is seen as something natural and beautiful. My mother is a midwife so she has a lot of books on breastfeeding and no picture depicted show breastfeeding as an act of sexual fantasy or promiscuous intimacy. However, since we live in America the media is obsessed with boobs. So if given the opportunity the media will capitalize on that obsessions even if the subject matter is based on the act of breastfeeding. In my option, if main stream media promotes an image of breastfeeding as an act of sexual pleasure or promiscuity in order to seek and raise profit then not only are we degrading the beauty of a natural act we are also devaluing and dehumanizing something so vital to our survival. The act of breastfeeding.

    Comment by Giovanni A — November 30, 2013 @ 12:10 am

  161. As a male, this is sort of upsetting in seeing. Men don’t get aroused by babies being breast fed, its that simple. The reason the media put theses some what graphic images up as their covers is to simply draw attention from its viewers. It clearly did its job as people are becoming furious of all the ‘nonsense.’ Breastfeeding a natural. Sure breasts are seen as a public ownership in our patriarchal society, but that’s not true. In our society, one has the freedom to dress and act how they please. We have to take responsibility for our own actions.

    Comment by Ilan G — December 1, 2013 @ 10:11 pm

  162. I personally don’t believe that breastfeeding should be categorized as sexual. The act of breastfeeding a child is beneficial for the nurturing child because it becomes a key factor in parent-child interaction. I believe that babies need to have that close eye contact, face view, and body contact with their mother. Sadly in our patriarchal society, it becomes necessary to bring up breastfeeding as a sexual thing rather than natural. I just think that this whole idea of women breastfeeding their children is seen as sexual is ridiculous. I don’t think this is sexual because many women tend to hold a blanket or cover their breast while breastfeeding. This should not be discussed as a sexual matter, but rather seen as a natural thing that enhances parent-child interaction.

    Comment by Leor M — December 2, 2013 @ 10:19 pm

  163. I never knew this happened until now. It’s funny for women readers to be concerned and backlashes against a cover with a women nursing a child. That’s natural, it happens. More ironic is that there isn’t any uproar against the women like Kim Kardashian who are just displaying almost nude photos of themselves in social media where everyone sees it, even young children. I mean is there no restriction against not? While the natural act of nursing is not fine, fake huge boobs are. The article makes a valid point on the whole breastfeeding issue with a few women. My friend recently just had a baby, but doesn’t breastfeed because she doesn’t want to ruin her boobs. I think people are just comfortable with something that is so natural in life and when something like nurturing is displayed in media a huge uproar happens. Its like you have to walk on crack egg shells because our culture wants to see ass and boobs being sexualized, not boobs nurturing a new born baby.

    Comment by Benjamin C. — December 3, 2013 @ 1:14 am

  164. Sexual? Seriously? The media continues to find more and more ways to propose crazy ideas into our society. Breastfeeding is a way to bond with your newborn, a way to nurture and express love for a child. It is proven that there are many psychological benefits for both the mother and a child who has been breast fed. There are mothers who are not blessed with enough milk to feed their child, so they are begging for breast milk from other women solely for the amazing benefits it has for their children. Due to patriarchy and the media exposures, breasts are mostly seen as a sexual object, something a man will find pleasure in; so when it comes to exposing a woman breast feeding her child through a magazine, it is not surprising that many would still find this sexual, and this is another disappointing reality of our society.

    Comment by Melody S. — December 3, 2013 @ 11:02 am

  165. I don’t believe that there is anything sexual about breastfeeding. What I don’t understand is why all of these mothers are so offended by the babytalk’s magazine cover when these women have probably bought magazines like SHAPE with Kim Kardashian flaunting her boobs. Why isn’t there any controversy over her magazine cover? To be offended by breast feeding I believe is amateur like as it is a very natural process. The fact that women would rather please society than to feed their babies the healthier way, just to maintain a good set of boobs is just disturbing and sad.

    Comment by Tatiana Kohanzad — December 3, 2013 @ 4:30 pm

  166. I don’t really think that breastfeeding is sexual. Maybe there are some women who present themselves as sexual in the media while they are breastfeeding, but it is not sexual at all. This is something that women do commonly and even in public with no shame. Breastfeeding is natural and studies have also shown that it helps a child build a stronger immune system and have closer personal connections. I also don’t think that other people should be interrupting a mother’s business. If its her child then others should not tell her how to raise it. Breasts are just a part of the body and they are there for a reason. I think the media should pay more attention to other topics than this one.

    Comment by Gabriel P — December 4, 2013 @ 2:28 pm

  167. Its really funny how some people think its ok to feel offended by breastfeeding. Like Seriously? Breastfeeding is part of nature, and its carried throughout all mammals living on this planet. Its one of the most beautiful and natural activity between a mother and a new born child. To be honest America is obsessed with boobs, and its simply because how our society is built. I think its rude and unmoral to sexualize breastfeeding. I personally have no attractions to breastfeeding. Ive seen my baby cousin been breastfeed just inches away from me, and I thought it was lovely to see the mother-daughter bond in live. I think people should wake up from this stupidity and get on the right track, because they’ll be eventually experiencing it in a couple of years when they become parents.

    Comment by Hiro K — December 4, 2013 @ 6:46 pm

  168. Its really funny how some people feel offended by the act of breastfeeding. Like Seriously? Breastfeeding is part of nature, and its carried throughout all mammals living on this planet. Its one of the most beautiful and natural activity between a mother and a new born child. To be honest America is obsessed with boobs, and its simply because how our society is built. I think its rude and unmoral to sexualize breastfeeding. I personally have no attractions to breastfeeding. Ive seen my baby cousin been breastfeed just inches away from me, and I thought it was lovely to see the mother-daughter bond in live. I think people should wake up from this stupidity and get on the right track, because they’ll be eventually experiencing it in a couple of years when they become parents

    Comment by Hiro K — December 4, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

  169. This post reminds me of the outcry people had when TIME Magazine posted the “Are You Mom Enough?” cover story on May 21,2012. The disgust people had toward the magazine and the article was crazy and I think it shows how un-progressive our society really is. Breastfeeding is one of the oldest forms of childcare that is around and it is something found across the entire world. This simple act of nurturing your child has been around for thousands of years and I feel that there is absolutely nothing sexual or unnatural about it. Breastfeeding is the simple act of feeding your child and providing it with nutrients so they can grow to be string and healthy. Multiple studies have found that breastfeeding improves the child’s development in the long run and I feel that before people start putting down this natural act, they realize that the parents breastfeeding are doing a selfless act that provides huge benefits for their child. Breastfeeding should never be looked down upon.

    Comment by Lindsay Grossman — April 16, 2014 @ 8:49 am

  170. After reading the article I found it ridiculous how people felt that breastfeeding was something sexual because a female breast is shown. There are many more sexualized images of female breast in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and pop culture that show women in bikinis or dresses that accentuate their breasts. These pictures are seen as normal now in our society so no outcry is given about these pictures. In our society and the system of patriarchy views women’s bodies as sexualized objects so that’s why near nude photos and accentuated breast are seen as normal. But as for nursing a child to be seen as sexual because of the child suckling on the breast is nothing sexual but something normal and natural. breastfeeding is known to be one of the nutritious and healthy ways to feeding a growing infant and can help build their immune system. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and one of the reasons women have breast is to nurse their child. I agree that you see more boobs from a woman walking down the street, in a classroom, in a restaurant or at the beach. Women who don’t want to ruin their bodies because of pregnancy just show how they take part in the system of patriarchy and contribute to sexualizing their bodies as objects for men.

    Comment by Pablo D — April 20, 2014 @ 10:58 pm

  171. I, personally, think it is the most ridiculous thing in the world to see breastfeeding as anything other than a natural and beautiful thing between a mother and a child. I say this having breastfed two babies myself and I am discounting all the extremely difficult parts of breastfeeding that couldn’t be further from anything sexual. I am talking about the bleeding nipples, the lipstick shaped nipples, the very unsexy breast-pump I had to use to gain extra milk so I could feed my ravenous baby, and the excruciating pain from my newborn having an incorrect, but extremely strong, latch. I had to say the “F” word out-loud every single time he latched, which was more than 24 times per day for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks the pain finally subsided. Breastfeeding was one of the most challenging things I ever got through and everyday I wanted to give up. I wouldn’t have blamed myself or anyone else in my position for doing so but I persevered because I also knew it was one of the most precious gifts I could give to my new newborn child. We mothers feed morning and night. It is relentless. The most shocking thing to me was realizing that there was no break from it, particularly with a large, hungry baby. In the first few weeks if he wanted to feed 6 times a night I had no choice but to be there for him.
    Therefore I think that this act should be celebrated and treasured and valued. Our breasts are not just “sex toys” and feeding babies is not a sexual thing, it is a loving act. It is a relentless, tiring, selfless act and we need to celebrate female bodies for all the incredible things they do for this world. Particularly in ways that aren’t just a portrayal of us as sex toys for men. In other more progressive cultures in Europe and Australia, for example, I have seen a lot less stigma around this. Last year, in the UK, I observed a woman in an ER waiting room sitting patiently, breastfeeding openly with no cover and no-one was blinking an eyelid. Babies eat ALL THE TIME and it is a challenge in itself, so the least we could do to help is let women feed openly and with confidence for the good of humankind.
    Also I want to refer to the point about the way women’s bodies are sexualized on magazine covers and how that is OK if it is done in the “right” way. When I lived in France I noticed that French fashion magazines (e.g. Elle) seemed to have no problem putting a completely topless woman on the cover of their magazines from time to time. This would never happen in the US but actually I have more of an issue with the way women are portrayed here than over there. This is because of the “way” in which the woman was photographed in France. It wasn’t in an overtly sexual way. It seemed to be more in celebration of the natural beauty of a woman’s body. There was no fear in appreciating it for the biological wonder that it is. There is such fear around bodies and sexuality here. The porn industry is huge and strip clubs are advertised everywhere, yet if a woman is portrayed in a natural way and celebrated with respect, then there is something wrong with that. This breeds complete DISRESPECT and CONTEMPT for women and women’s bodies. If we are only portraying them in a trashy and sexualized way but then covering them up in every other instance then what on earth are we saying about ourselves and our bodies. Either we should be filled with shame or aim for being extremely sexual in a way that “services” men. I would much rather vote for a culture that saw a woman’s body in all it’s grace and beauty and was not scared to see it in a 3-dimensional way. A culture where we are not afraid of it but we celebrate it in a respectful and loving way, not dehumanizing it to be only an “object” for men’s pleasure. I also believe that there is a huge area of need where the way in which we see female sexuality itself needs a complete overhaul but that is for another conversation….

    Comment by Lucy T — April 27, 2014 @ 7:02 pm

  172. I concur with the post by Lindsay that breastfeeding is naturally inherent for human survival. Before the introduction of mass production the only milk babies drank was from their mother. Personally, I’ve never come across friends, family or acquaintances that are repulsed by the idea of breast-feeding their own child that just came out of their body.I truly don’t understand the outcry, when it is true, that all we see on magazine covers are boobs. I agree that the fine line between pop culture and pornography is slowly being erased. There is no doubt that these women that find it such a repulsive and unnatural act have been exposed to the wrong perception of what is to be a woman. These women are paying too much attention to what their husbands/boyfriends want them to be and what a patriarchal society expects. I personally do not have a problem with women breastfeeding in public. I would not shield my nieces or nephews eyes from a mom breastfeeding her baby. On the contrary, I hope they ask questions so I can express to them it was how their mom fed them and how babies are naturally fed.

    Comment by Rosa G. — April 27, 2014 @ 8:10 pm

  173. Honestly, this article disgusts me. I was just watching an episode of Modern Family about this same issue, and one of the characters is breastfeeding her baby in public, and her husband gets upset at her about it. People have been making a huge deal about breastfeeding for a while now, and I just have never understood all of the fuss. Women have breasts to feed their babies. We have the beautiful blessing of being able to bond with our babies this way, and now it’s being called sexual?! Breastfeeding provides babies with the exact and proper nutrients it needs, and if a person is out in public and her baby gets hungry, she is not going to make her baby suffer so that no one has to look at her breast. We see more breast on television than we do from breastfeeding. Women have to be extremely cautious, because apparently, a lot of things we do are considered sexual, or slutty. The fact that breastfeeding is called sexual makes it perfectly clear that our boobs are just seen as sexual objects.

    Comment by Elena V. — May 4, 2014 @ 4:59 pm

  174. There is so much about this article that I agree with—all of it in fact. I am often enraged by the degree to which women’s bodies are sexualized and made a commodity in today’s culture, specifically U.S. American culture. Advertisements are literally everywhere you go, even on YouTube and Netflix, you cannot watch a single video without viewing an advertisement beforehand. These ads are heavily filled with sexualized imagery that sustains the objectification of women and their bodies and give ownership away to public domain. The act of breastfeeding is one of the most basic, primal attributes of motherhood and infant care. By sexualizing this bonding between a mother and her newborn is another way to take away women’s agency. This tool of patriarchy works to instill shame on the mother and her body just like advertisements influence women to aspire to impossible beauty standards.
    I have never seen breastfeeding as a deviant act or something “gross,” but rather something beautiful and natural to the development of babies.

    Comment by Mary R. — May 6, 2014 @ 9:10 am

  175. I, along with my little brother and little sister, were never breastfed as newborns. The reason was because my mother could never get any milk. As I recall, my brother and sister may have been breastfed for a couple of months, but other than that, we were fed with formula. For my own children, however, I will definitely breastfeed, if I am capable. I believe that breastfeeding is important for a newborn because it not only saves a lot of money for the first few months, but it is also said that breastfeeding reduces stomach viruses, ear infections, asthma, and so much more. Also, I don’t agree that breastfeeding should be considered something sexual. It is definitely nurturing. I find it disturbing for anyone who says it is considered to be a sexual matter. It is completely natural. On the other hand, breastfeeding in public is so unnecessary. I find it so rude that a mom pulls up her shirt and takes out her breast to feed her child. This is something that should be done with your child in private. It should be your bonding time with your child. No one else wants to see that. As for Angelina Jolie’s cover of her breast feeding her child, I was a bit shocked and in awe. Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she can take photos of herself breastfeeding for the whole world to see. Again, it should be done in private on your own time, even when times call for emergencies. Go to the bathroom, or in a corner.

    Comment by Michelle Omidi — May 7, 2014 @ 1:46 pm

  176. After reading this article, I must say that I am pretty disappointed in our society. Let me get this straight: it’s okay for Kim Kardashian to flaunt her artificially augmented breasts on the cover of a magazine, but it’s wrong for a woman to flaunt herself breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine? Something is definitely not right. By validating Kardashian’s image as beautiful, society accepts artificiality. By condemning the publication of images featuring women breastfeeding, society condemns what is natural. In fact, they condemn the natural purpose of a woman’s breasts: to produce milk for her young. As the media continues to vilify the act of breastfeeding and display images meant to make the act appear gross, they discourage women from, literally, being themselves. Instead, the media encourages women to use their breasts as a means to attract others. Only using breasts to attract the opposite sex causes a woman’s boobs to become more of an object, rather than an instrument of child survival and nourishment. This harsh criticism of breastfeeding must be stopped. If it is not stopped, it can have serious consequences.

    Comment by Jessica B. — May 7, 2014 @ 4:44 pm

  177. Before reading this article, the question about breastfeeding being nurturing or sexual has never even crossed my mind. I only saw it as nurturing until I read this article and gained a new perspective about how people can see it as something sexual. One shocking thing I read was, “Not only do some mothers choose not to breastfeed their newborns due to this sexualization of the female breast, women often choose not to nurse their babies because they don’t want to “ruin” their breasts”. This explained to me how people will not use their breasts to nurture their babies just because they don’t want to “ruin” them and they rather keep it for sexual reasons. As for the fact that people were grossed out by the boob on the cover, I can understand. Yes, it’s something natural but I think it should be kept private. It’s not like we put vaginas wide open giving birth on public display for everyone to see. Breasts and a vagina are both nurturing parts of the body that happen to be sexual as well. Even if the breasts were not “sexualized”, I still would find it abnormal to have it out there with a baby sucking on it on a magazine cover because I do consider it a private part.

    Comment by Ariela R. — May 14, 2014 @ 9:16 pm

  178. TO start of, boobs are capable of producing milk and if they have a function that will allow for you to have a closer bond with your child and feed them, then by all means do so. Breast feeding seems normal to and I don’t feel uncomfortable in seeing another woman’s nipple or seeing a baby sucking on them due to the fact that they are being fed, if you go to other parts of the world like Mexico or El Salvador you will see women breastfeeding even in the bus. But I do have a problem and it disturbs me to see another woman’s boob or nipple because their big (and most likely implanted) boobs don’t fit in that tiny shirt or bra. That’s when I think parents should be concerned about their teenage boy seeing that. But there is nothing wrong with a cover of a baby being breast fed. There is nothing sexual about neither of the pictures by the actresses or the magazine cover. Angelina Jolie even looks very comfortable sitting in the couch, and you can see she looks tired but happy, how is that gross or sexual in any way? It’s sad to see that many view a moment of caring and something so natural as gross and unnatural. It just shows how messed up our ideas are and how we feel that we have a saying in what women do with their bodies.

    Comment by Raquel I-V — May 20, 2014 @ 10:16 pm

  179. This article is one of the many examples that portrays how much society is affected by the media and how it has skewed our knowledge. Breast-feeding is a natural way to feed a baby, it is part of our human nature. Breastfeeding is not sexual because it is done for nurturing a child. I think that it all has to do with how breasts have been used in such a sexual way by the media. In addition, the fact that they have sexualized everything associated breasts with only sex and used women as objects goes to show how corrupt our society is. Women are not sex objects and they need to stop being displayed as that. It is unfortunate to see how society’s norms have been so altered, women went from being displayed as caring and nurturing to sexualized.

    Comment by Pouya Ghodsian — May 23, 2014 @ 3:57 pm

  180. Breastfeeding is a necessity for a mother to do when they have a baby. It is a way to nourish a baby, and is a caring act from the mother to child. For breastfeeding to be associated with being sexual is just wrong. My siblings and I were all breastfed as newborns, and I plan to do the same for my own children some day. It is not the act of breastfeeding that has been categorized as sexual, but boobs themselves. Breasts are viewed by society as something sexual, and their real function they are used for is forgotten. It is ridiculous to me that our society illustrated breastfeeding in a negative conotation. I understand that it may be inapproprate to do in public, however that choice should be up to the mother. Women’s breasts are often defined as sexual objects and not much more. Since sex is basically taboo in the public realm, breasfeeding ends up being percieved as some sort of indecent out of bounds behavior.

    Comment by Rachel Moreh — May 26, 2014 @ 3:17 pm

  181. The female body has been objectified by the media so much that it has become a norm. It is not shocking to see magazines featuring almost naked women, emphasized breasts, and little clothing. Why is it shocking to see a women breastfeeding? There is nothing sexual about feeding a baby. Again we are exposed to the harsh views of society over-sexualizing a women’s body. For women to choose not to breastfeed because it is sexual or because it will “ruin” their bodies is an extremely selfish act, and contributed by the media’s emphasis of women’s “beauty” and how her breasts play a significant role on her attractiveness.

    Comment by Vanessa R. — May 29, 2014 @ 12:16 am

  182. I cannot believe how twisted this world is. Every human on the face of the planet came out of a woman, they have umbilical cords, and they are breastfed (almost all). Now imagine having a child whose sole source of food is breast milk and you are out in the street enjoying a nice day, and your child gets hungry. What are your options? Starve the child until you get into a public place, or breastfeed your child, which everyone on the planet has done. Now, tell me that you don’t want your child seeing a child being breastfed when HES THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN BREAST FED. Breasts are a sexual object because society has made it so. I don’t see how anyone could be uncomfortable with the idea of something as normal and human as breastfeeding. That is what breasts are for, unlike societies and mens incorrect fantasy that boobs are just for them to play with. Do not tell a breastfeeding mother that hat she is doing is offensive to you, because that is the most natural part of life. You should be teaching your kids about breastfeeding, not hiding them from it.

    Comment by Daniella S — May 29, 2014 @ 2:16 pm

  183. It is not taboo to see a woman breastfeeding her child. The media displays women who are almost fully exposed just to try to get peoples’ attention, but when it comes to something important, which is getting the nutrients a baby needs, everyone goes crazy. I think it is absurd that some mothers choose not to beast feed their kids because of the sexualization of the female breast. Wake up! There are millions of advertisements we see everyday that exploit the female body, yet breastfeeding is seen as too sexual? People have been doing this for thousands of years, why should we take offense in this day in age? And the other issue the article brought up was that women don’t want to breast feed because it will “ruin” their breasts. It’s absurd that women care more about their breasts that their own child. The media creates the vibe that women should have nice breasts, even if they have a baby. But would you rather choose health for your child or physical beauty? The media creates the image that women should only use their breasts for sex, not for nurturing their child.

    Comment by Arya A — May 31, 2014 @ 9:28 pm

  184. Not only is it important to recognize and affirm that patriarchy has a complete hold on us physically from moving up to high in the ranks of society and gaining power, but at the same time, as exhibited here, we are constantly at odds regarding the natural and original intention for the usage of our bodies – in this case our breasts. Breasts have one actual intention and that is to feed babies when they come out of the womb. Breast milk is the healthiest and safest way to nurture your child even up to the age of 36 months. It contains all the nutrients that the baby needs and is, frankly, the easiest way to deal with their hunger. Many of us know the hardships of having to carry bibs, baby food, and baby bottles around once our baby has passed the stage of breastfeeding. It is convenient and better for the mother and the baby. However, many women are stuck in the patriarchal thinking that society has imposed on us and socialized us to believe that a baby suckling on breast is not only sexual but will “ruin” our bodies. So what they are saying is that displaying our breasts unintentionally (not for a sexual purpose) when breastfeeding is wrong, but wearing a shift for a deep V and showing cleavage is considered sexy and an okay thing to do. I find this completely disturbing that women have come to the point that in their minds, a breast being used for its original purpose is something to condemn while finding it completely acceptable to read tabloids and ads where female body parts are on display, sexualized, and dehumanized for all to see and ogle at – without backlash and too much criticism.

    Comment by Pnina O — June 2, 2014 @ 11:12 am

  185. I was quite offended by this article to see that people are making a big deal out of women breastfeeding and find that it is sexual rather than natural and completely normal. Just because a women is showing off her side breast or even a little bit of cleavage does not mean that she is trying to be sexual. There are tons of advertisements and magazines that have a young girl in a bikini and showing off her breasts, however when a mother is breast feeding it isn’t seen as normal, but these magazines are? It’s sad that people are used to seeing these magazines and find nothing wrong with Within the system of patriarchy a women’s body is seen as a sexual figure and object. It is completely normal to see a nude photo where her breasts are being shown. I think breast feeding is natural and shouldn’t be seen as sexual and it is one of the healthiest ways to feed an infant by giving them the proper nutrition they need. At the end of the day boobs are everywhere whether you are running, at the gym, swimming pool; People should stop identifying a women as an object because maybe then those who want to get pregnant but are worried about not meeting up with society’s standards will stop contributing to the system of patriarchy.

    Comment by Jennifer P — June 2, 2014 @ 12:33 pm

  186. I do not believe that the act of putting images of women breastfeeding in or on covers of magazines is the worst that social media has done to degrade women.The display of breastfeeding does not compare to the thousands of pictures of women openly showing their breasts in magazines not relating to breastfeeding. As we have seen women more exposed than they should be on everyday magazines, it is not a big deal to show pictures of babies breastfeeding. in my opinion, these pictures above do not display sexual behavior because it is a young child and his or her mother, a very natural act that most mothers go through when they have a child.

    Comment by Dorsa M — June 2, 2014 @ 9:29 pm

  187. I do not find anything sexual about a woman nurturing her infant through breastfeeding. If anything it is a beautiful thing that remind us what woman go through and why we should appreciate them more each and every single day. I believe the main reason we have people like Angelina Jolie posted on magazine covers is to simply draw the attention of the viewer. I do not think that breastfeeding in public is a big deal. Lets not forget that it’s natural for the mother to provide its baby with food and that is simply what they are doing. However, I do believe how the mother breastfeeds in public is important if she is worried people will look at her and be sexually aroused. Like the article stated- we have more important issues to discuss if you are worried about seeing a pair of breasts nurturing an infant. Lets first start with dressing more modestly and not posting pictures of models in bikinis on magazine covers.

    Comment by Daniel Y. — June 3, 2014 @ 12:59 am

  188. I think that one of the reasons people get so upset when they see photos of a woman breastfeeding or see it in real life is because it takes women’s breasts away from objectification and makes woman and her breasts more human. The reason this is so disturbing to some is that in the process of viewing a woman breastfeeding and no longer objectifying a woman they are faced with their own shame. I think that the shame comes in because there is a juxtaposition of breasts along with a baby because breasts are almost always sexualized, while babies are considered pure and loving, fully human. This Juxtapose makes someone who is used to objectifying breasts unable to objectify them without guilt when a baby is present. I think it makes people feel like it is child pornography to be aroused in the presence of a baby. So instead of training themselves to look at women in a new way they call it dirty and disgusting when in reality it is they themselves that is perverse and objectifying woman as sex objects- which is the role woman have played in a patriarchal society and continue to do so today.

    Comment by Jennifer S. — June 4, 2014 @ 12:29 am

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