March 31, 2010

Kudos, Ricky!

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FINALLY! Ricky Martin came out of the proverbial closet!! I don’t think that many of us were unaware of what he calls “his truth.” I’m not really a fan of his – nor was I back in the “La Vida Loca” days, but, his slightly tardy boldness is worth a congratulatory note!  In the post on his website he describes being discouraged by those he loves from coming out. At the time, he was faced with the possible ramification of ruining his career and also being told that it wasn’t “worth it,” so he kept his sexual identity private.

In light of his comments, I was reminded of a recent article in the LA Weekly describing the trials of homosexuality in Hollywood. Not only are the stereotypes profuse and often disturbing – that is when we actually see homosexual characters in Hollywood – but the entertainers actually living the reality are encouraged…nay coerced by the likes of Howard Bragman and Todd Holland into keeping their sexual identity private. It doesn’t help that these men are homosexual (Holland is actually an “activist”), but that they are not themselves closeted seems to make their bad advice more offensive to me.

So, good for you Ricky! Congratulations! Fans, non-fans, and the community at large are proud of you! You will find more acceptance here than you may have expected! Kudos 🙂


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  1. Yes!! I second your sentiments regarding Ricky’s slightly tardy but ever so necessary boldness. I heard a ton of smartass remarks in regards to him coming out and was tired of hearing all the negativity that surrounds the difficulty of looking fear right in the face and choosing truth.

    Comment by Marley — April 1, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

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