February 17, 2010

Courtesy of Facebook: "Killing your hooker so you don't have to pay her"

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I understand that facebook groups are mostly just a joke as is the actual act of joining one. Nothing more than a way to send a message. For example I recently joined the group “I don’t care about your farm or your fish or your mafia. So, stop asking.” Of course, I only joined hoping that a select few would stop inviting me their freaking farms! I understand it’s all in jest.

But what about this one: “Killing your hooker so you don’t have to pay her“? My mouth dropped open when I saw this joke posted on their page: Q. Whats the difference between an onion and a hooker? A. You don’t cry when you are chopping up hookers. Or how about this one: Q. What’s the difference between a lamborghini and a pile of dead hookers? A. I don’t have a lamborghini in my garage.

At some point gender-based violence has to stop being a source of amusement. It breeds action - and no matter how funny the joke or the group – those actions are not funny.

Click here for Feministe’s discussion of the same group!


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