May 10, 2009

Welcome, Lani!

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I’m so excited to introduce Lani to the blogosphere and have her join the ranks at Feminist Fatale.


Lani hails from a conservative, Christian, working-class family in Texas . These experiences have greatly shape her feminist paradigm, and motivated her to break away from the conservative dogma that was so prevalent in that community.

Lani is a writer, eternal student of sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and feminism (and, whatever else captures her attention in that moment), human and animal rights activist, and a worker bee in various forms and fashions.

She attended California State University , Northridge, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis on gender studies. She will return to school in 2010 to work towards her Master’s Degree in International Studies with a concurrent degree in Women’s Studies.

She plans to do humanitarian aid work in a non-governmental organization with a major focus on these issues.

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