December 31, 2008

Your body in 2009…

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…still won’t be good enough, as Us Magazine reminds readers with it’s first 2009 cover proclaiming “2009’s Diets That Work!” This is followed with captions that announce the disappearance of Britney’s “belly fat” and the fifteen pounds Beyonce dropped.  But, it’s not just about celebrities.

It’s about YOU!

“How stars get instant results” which means that you can, too, if you buy these products and behave the insane ways described in this “special” issue with a “28 page bonus.” Some of the advice? Don’t eat carbs after 6. Leave half of everything on the plate (and, what, throw the rest away?).  Do leg lunges while you brush your teeth.

2009’s first cover strikes an eerie resemble to, yup, 2008’s diets that work and it’s 23 page bonus.  In fact, when I looked at all the covers of Us Magazine for 2008 via their slide show I found almost 20 covers that mentioned dieting, make-overs, and body image at least once. Note: the slides are not complete images and may not show the diet/body reference  For complete images of all 2008 covers click on the slide show link above.

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  1. yuck.

    Comment by Stephanie Younger — January 1, 2009 @ 7:04 am

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