November 17, 2008

I don't think so…

Spare me.

In a recent article discussing Sarah Palin’s future and her prospect of banking approximately 7 million in possible book deals on her experience as the Republican VP pick, Camille Paglia, the super conservative faux or anti-feminist feminist made this comment:

Camille Paglia, the radical feminist, declared that she had “heartily enjoyed [Palin’s] arrival on the national stage”. She had been subjected to “an atrocious and sometimes delusional level of defamation”, Paglia added. “I can see how smart she is and, quite frankly, I think the people who don’t see it are the stupid ones.”

This comment comes several paragraphs after this:

She [Palin] scoffed at untrue reports that she initially thought Africa was a country and that she didn’t know members of the North American Free Trade Agreement. She said much of the criticism levelled at her came from “bloggers in their parents’ basements just talking garbage”.

First of all, to the Times Online that referred to Paglia as a “radical feminist,” it looks like YOU’RE stupid and don’t know anything about feminism. Radical feminism is a specific branch of second-wave feminism that was revolutionary and challenged the existing tenants of feminism at the time, namely the dominant branch of Liberal Feminism associated with Betty Freidan and N.O.W.  Radical Feminism challenged feminism to push the envelope, move beyond legislation and the goal of incorporating women into the inherently flawed andocentric status quo.  In doing so, it developed a richer and more diverse feminist agenda that  certainly looks nothing like and has nothing in common with Paglia.

Second, Camille, we’ve seen Palin’s botched interviews, the inability to answer questions and the recycling of her campaign speeches post election.  We’ve heard her made ludicrous comments and insult the American public by being or acting dumb as a representation of the citizens of this nation.  To say she’s smart and everyone else is stupid makes it clear that you like her because you see much of yourself in her. A conservative mouthpiece that does not contribute to feminism or women’s studies.

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