October 23, 2008

Get active: No on 8!

Straights for No on 8! bring you this opportunity to fight the momentum in favor of proposition 8, the constitutional amendment that will pass into law the California Marriage Protection Act.  Counter to what it’s name implies, the California Marriage Protection Act will define marriage as a legal sanction only available to heterosexual couples. Refer to the California Official Voter Information Guide here.

Click here to visit the No on 8! site. Click here to read the Obama’s statement on 8 and why they are encouraging voters to vote against it on November 4.

To volunteer in the fight against Prop. 8:

A message from Bryan Safi and Amy Rhodes, Straights Against 8!

Prop 8 is now in very real danger of passing, which will ban gay marriage by changing the constitution to specifically discriminate against gay men and women. Gross.
You don’t have to be a homo to care, just a homosapein.
We need your help to spread the word and make sure this bullshit does not pass!

Bryan Safi and I are going to be volunteering at the following times/locations and we would love to have you there – BRING A CELL PHONE AND A CHARGER. Basically, you’ll be calling people to remind them to vote NO on Prop 8 – it’s easy and fun – and a lot more fun the more people that come. You can let one of us know you’re coming, or just show up! You do need to be there at the start time to go through a quick training session.

Sunday, October 26th
1 to 4 pm
The Gay and Lesbian Center at The Village
1125 N. McCadden Place
Los Angeles, CA 90038
PH: 323-860-7302
(street parking available)

Tuesday, October 28
6:30 to 9:30 pm
1268 N. Fairfax Avenue (at Fountain)
It’s a house – there is street parking and they will provide parking passes for you

Tuesday, November 4th – Election Day
We will be at voting polls when people enter reminding them to vote No on 8
If you want info on that, please email Bryan and he’ll put you in contact with the correct person – bryansafi@gmail.com

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