September 30, 2008

McCain spins Obama's economic policies and generates fear

Lani would like to share:

McCain says Obama policies will deepen recession: read here

RE: McCain says Obama’s policies will deepen recession; very important in light of bailout being rejected and the subsequent affect that had on the world economy/American stock market (dropped 800 points; more than ever in one day).
A little argument about how/why that is NOT true; e.g. creation of jobs in the AMERICAN economy – not something either party is good at, but Obama will be/can be and how his policies support that creation. Republicans benefit more from exporting jobs/work to other countries, and tend to support such corporate policies b/c of who invests in their campaigns (
I feel like this is really important; if he makes people (fence-sitters or even people who would most likely have voted for Obama) afraid we will end up with another election where people are voting for what is familiar (e.g. Bush x2). And THIS is the perfect opportunity to freak people out; their money is in danger!!!

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