September 9, 2008

Feminist Fatale has arrived!

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Welcome to the newly launched media watchdog!

This blog is the result of many conversations I have had with students and friends over the years and a deeply held passion for expanding the range of this ongoing influential dialogue. Over the last six years, I have collected advertisements, stories (both personal and public), and been sent comments and articles and comments from students, friends and family sharing their experiences as members of a landscape soaked in images, slogans and values beamed at them from hundereds of media outlets.

These individual stories and the collective experiences have been moving, insightful, and motivating to me as an educator and as a woman subject to her own insecurities and a desire to reclaim her body and mind. Feminist Fatale is here to serve all of us.

Many thanks to my current and former students that challenge and enlighten me daily. Thanks to my stimulating and honest friends that have provided me with endles fuel for laughter and resources to continue resisting the narrow images that bombard me daily. Thank you to my supportve family that nurtured the rebelious and creative spirit that each of them carries in their own right. All of you have urged me to continue even when I feel I have nothing to say or share. You constantly reinforce the importance of having our stories told and our insights revealed.


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